Monday, June 30, 2008

101 things to do when you're bored

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1. Look up urban legends, and/or ghost stories in your town. Investigate!

2. If you live in a city with public transport (bus, train, subway), plan a trip using the transit system. Take some friends along for company, or just enjoy the ride and people-watch!

3. Get yourself a roll of quarters and find a video arcade.

4. Strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

5. Learn to tie sailors’ knots.

6. Volunteer. It’s fun and you’ll get good karma. :o)

7. Hang out with old people. They have great stories and sometimes need the company.

8. Perform random acts of kindness.

9. Find out all the great touristy places in your city. Now spend the day being a tourist!

10. Try geocaching.

11. Check out the local art scene. Attend a gallery opening.

12. Become a babysitter and have fun playing with a child – everyone needs to engage in an epic light saber battle every once in awhile!

13. Try to beat 20Q.

14. Go fly a kite.

15. Give yourself a facial. Or a total make-over.

16. Try brewing your own beer. Or make your own wine.

17. Google everyone you knew in high school.

18. If you like building, making, and/or creating things, find something on Instructables to make.

19. Check out a sketchy ethnic restaurant in your area. You might find a gem or you might get food poisoning. Either way, it's the stuff stories are made of. Plus, you’ll be able to say "I know this great little _____ place."

20. Take all the cushions off your couch and some blankets from your bed and build a fort.

21. Be someone else for a few hours. Put on a hat, fake beard and eyeglasses and walk around town.

22. Go for a walk. Explore your neighborhood. You’re bound to find gardens, shops, restaurants, art, or other random bits of wonderfulness you didn’t even know were there.

23. Choose a movie to see based on the roll of the dice. Open a newspaper or web browser to your local movie listings. Roll the dice. If, for example, you roll a three, go see the third movie in the listings.

24. Read a book. Try one that someone has recommended but that you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

25. Start a blog.

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26. Learn to play a musical instrument. Take up the ukulele.

27. Spend some time browsing in the public library.

28. Have coffee in a bookstore. Sit in one of their super-comfy armchairs. Read one of their books.

29. Window shop. Or, shop for windows. Whichever.

30. Go to a gun range and try out some rental pistols.

31. Interview someone. Local history organizations often need people to conduct interviews and transcribe oral histories that might otherwise be lost.

32. Document your day in photographs.

33. Treat yourself to a manicure. Or a pedicure.

34. Grab a partner and hit the racquetball or tennis court.

35. Facebook-stalk people from your past.

Try the assignments at Learning to Love You More.

37. Release a book into the wild.

38. Get yourself a fake buddy.

39. Exchange postcards with a stranger.

40. Order something from The Something Store.

41. Wash your dog. Try washing your cat.

42. Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks. Have a puppet show.

43. Learn to peel a banana with your feet.

44. Have a movie marathon. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. Or all of the Star Wars films. Or the Indiana ... you get the idea.

45. Turn on the T.V., put it on mute and make up dialogue. Or mute the TV and play music. It’s funny to see how the music “matches up” with what’s happening on-screen.

46. Go dumpster diving and see what you can find.

47. Make faces at strangers to make them laugh.

48. Take your TV outside. While you’re at it, take your favorite comfy chair or couch outside too!

49. Watch kids play – and then join in.

50. Sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

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51. Skip rather than walk.

52. Join the summer reading program at your local library. Who cares if it’s just for kids?

53. Plant a garden. Or some potted plants.

54. Pack a fun lunch and go to the park. Play Frisbee.

55. Decorate blank t-shirts.

56. Set up a Slip 'N Slide in your back yard. Invite the whole neighborhood!

57. Spend a day at the beach.

58. Make lemonade from lemons.

59. Set up a hammock in your yard. Use it!

60. Make your own ice cream.

61. Create a masterpiece on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.

62. Have a water balloon fight. Or a sponge ball fight.

63. Help produce the 1 Second Film.

64. Watch presentations on slideshare.

65. Write a one-sentence story.

66. Learn how to make raspberry jam, how to make fortune cookies, how to fix a bicycle chain, how to start a small business, and more!

67. Visit a museum. Or visit an online museum.

68. Go bowling.

69. Blow bubbles.

70. Build a campfire and make s’mores. Or banana boats.

71. Decorate a pair of flip-flops.

72. Gather some old dry bread crusts and feed the birds. Or go to a lake or pond and feed the ducks.

73. Go on a hike.

74. Research your family tree.

75. Go to a farmer’s market.

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76. Start a scrapbook.

77. Learn to crochet. Or knit.

78. Star gaze. Or visit a science center or planetarium.

79. Lie on the grass and look at cloud shapes.

80. Build a sandcastle.

81. Plant a tree.

82. Bake cookies. Put them in pretty containers and deliver them to your friends.

83. Rent a projector, hang a white sheet in your backyard and have a backyard movie night.

84. Have a pillow fight.

85. Clean up trash in a local park. Or pick up trash on your block.

86. Paint your bedroom a new color.

87. Learn to juggle.

88. Start a collection.

89. Record a funny new greeting for your voice mail.

90. Buy part of the moon.

91. Make deep-fried Twinkies.

92. Glue money to the floor and watch people try to pick it up.

93. Go into a building and set all the clocks ahead one hour (or behind, if you're really bold).

94. Write a novel.

95. Build things out of cans of food. Donate them to a food bank afterwards.

96. Watch a familiar DVD dubbed in a foreign language.

97. Learn a new language. Or learn sign language!

98. Write a letter to a friend. On paper! Don’t forget to mail it.

99. Clean out your closet.

100. Rearrange your furniture.

101. Make a list. (Maybe a list of things to do when you’re bored!)

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Don't forget to check out our other great list:
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Ladybug said...

I love this list! Very cool! :D

bonnie said...

Awesome, as always. I love the template. Portia has the lined paper as well. It suits you. I liked the yellow lined paper when you had it. That's what made me think you were in education.

Top 10 Lists said...

Wonderful list. Considered it stumbled for future reference.

Anonymous said...

I loved #38!!! I just signed up for a fake buddy, YAY!!!!!

steph said...

wow love this blog

Mel said...

Nice list and very well thought out! Can I add another one? Take a walk through a cemetery. Go to the old part of the cemetery (the older the cemetery the better) and look at tombstones of people from wayyy long ago.

gillian said...

thank you for reminding me that summer is sacred for all of these reasons.

Brethart77 said...

102. Meet with missionaries, like the Jehovas Witness' or Mormons (Maybe they'll let you ride their bikes).

Tequilla said...

The 20Q was GREAT, I loved it!!! I swear to God it can read your mind!

Anonymous said...

dude, there was not one thing on there that i would try. except make fortune cookies. seriously, you might want to update that. you can't just go and do most of that stuff. you gotta put things on there that are simple and that you can do with stuff most people already have in their house. take the tip. trust me. more people would use your ideas. I don't have or i can't do most of the stuff on that list. dude, try harder

Anonymous said...

hehe.. i might try the 1 second film thingy,, but juss wivv friends cozz i cant be bothered to go big wivv it!! youve got some fantabulous ideas =]

Anonymous said...

weird um dont make this spam its simple weird i know but. its cool

Anonymous said...

this is sooooooooo dumb. wut if its nighttime and ur 11 years old? u cant walk around town at night at this age!

Anonymous said...

good ideas

Anonymous said...

boiling ice cream is fun....
try tying up your dog (DONT HURT HIM!!!) shine a lamp in a dark room, then interrogate him. with a little imagination, its actually pretty entertaining....
dress up in all black, put streaks under your eyes, and pretend to be a spy, sneakily going into rooms and stealing things. you have to be creative, humming mission impossible and doing somer-saults and stuff.
try burning a fire in the snow (dont kill yourself).
watch tv and repeat everything they say with an italian accent

wannabeaCNA05 said...

at first i was like lame!!.......but as i read on i must say very very cool!!!!

Fun things to do when bored said...

lol, this is funny. i wanna try number 32. guite good coz can upload pic in blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought a good one is to try and play a guitar,but if you already can(like me)try playing an instrument you have never ever played before,but if you can play EVERY instrument(which i doubt,but if so)THEN YOUR JUST AWSOME! hehe

Fun things to do when bored said...

play guitar? haha. i dunno how to play and dont have one. i already started no 25. start a blog. haha.

Anonymous said...

I Wrote A Novel...Now My Library Teacher Wants To Know If Im Gonna Put It In Our School Library
__ __
o O

Andi said...

Anonymous, that's fantastic! I hope you do put it in the school library.

Anonymous said...

i beat 20Q 3 times!!!lolz

Anonymous said...

Awesome! im trying # 32

Anonymous said...

I have 1 thing to do. go to a store buy $227.05 and pay for it in singles. c how long it takes and how mad the line gets. it's funny i was behind a lady who did that. when we finally got up we said "got room for any singles?" trust me its funny!

Pete said...

I put together this web site of things to do online when your bored. Have a look and let me know what you think.

annie said...

102.look up yo mama jokes
103.prank call(press *67 so no 1 catches u)
104.draw a face on ur belly!
105.look in an old photo album

marissa said...

i agree that u need to put things that people can actuallly do at home if their nine and have a parent that says no to like everything

Andi said...

Hi Marissa,

That's a really good point. I may need to make a list of things to do just for kids!

Anonymous said...

wow this is fun

Anonymous said...

I agree that u need 2 make up stuff that people cam do at your house. otherwise i guess its a pritty good site

Josh said...

make a list of things i can do at home?

Andi said...

Hi Josh, it's about time for me to do another list of things to do when you're bored, so I'll give it some thought and hopefully I can come up with some fun stuff to do at home!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you should make a list just for kids. It would be kind of weird to see adults doing some of this stuff anyways... haha. what if your 13? i dont think i can do most of these without my parents screaming at me. haha.

Anonymous said...

my fav is number 50

Anonymous said...

i like totally think this is narly dude! you wont cetch me bored anymore

Anonymous said...

Really nice i am not bored at all! I liked makin' the ice cream.

Anonymous said...

i beat 20q 40 times! thats how bored i am. nhahhahahhahahahahahhaha

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!!! very very cool!

Anonymous said...

I broke my leg and i am in a walking cast out of camp so this heloed me with some things!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Best bits:

-Decorating blank t-shirts
-Decorating flip-flops
-Making my own cookies
-Making my own ice cream
-Playing tennis, even know I always do that
-Glueing money to the floor and watching people pick it up
-Starting a Collection, i now have 9 marbles haha

Anonymous said...

Haha! still laughing at #50!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There was nothing on that list that was actually for kids! The one thing I was acutally looking for was stuff to do on a hot summer day with kids! And there the ones that are always bored! I mean... make beer??? Come on!! Maybe try a little harder next time you do one of these things. But I have to admit, # 50 did make me giggle!

Andi said...

You make a very good point, Anonymous. What things would you suggest for kids to do in the summer when they're bored?

Anonymous said...

this was so helpfull thank you so much now ill never be bored again thanks to all of this fun stuff you guys are the best

Andi said...

Thanks so much! :o)

We have another mega list of boredom busters in the works, so check back soon!

Anonymous said...

I made a fort now what?

Anonymous said...

kk..diz is retarded..where you gonna find all the things to do all these things? and itz obvious dat a beach is not right across the street nd i dont have sand in my place.

Andi said...

If and how you choose to implement these ideas is entirely up to you. Some of them require you to actually DO something, though. :o)

amberaqua said...

I'm 11 and Im not allowed to go out by myself like that.(Good for older kids)

Please can you mkae a kids list
Here some ideas

-Pretend the world going to

Great blog though

Anonymous said...

Reallly good stuff on here! Im so bored cuz it is the summer holidays and now I actualy have some things to do :D
I dont see why people are moning so much! Kids can make forts out of pillow's cant they??? :D
Thank you so much

Andi said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! There are lots more fun things for kids (and adults too!) on our other list:

Anonymous said...

I love this list- try peeling the banana with your feet- it seriously keeps you entertained for a while!!!

Anonymous said...

Geocaching Rocks!

Anonymous said...

its stupid get a egg wrap it up and find a stair case and toss it down and see if it broke... (its easyer on carpet)

Anonymous said...

Join the army and try not to get killed!

Anonymous said...

49 is abit weird lol.

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVED 50 92 93 and the comment where you pay for something really expensive in ones! omg im still laughing. and im thirteen and i could do a lot of this stuff. Also i was bored but i just started reading these and was occupied for 3 hours!!!!! luv this site

Anonymous said...

i've only just disovered this hilarious website and my holidays finished yesterday in which i was completely bored!

Anonymous said...

Id rather stay bored...

fun things to do when bored said...

i love ur list!

i tried no 35. stalk ppl from my past. and the result is amazing! most ppl i nover expect them to be there but he/she is there...

my lazy fren now have a big cars and wife... lol..

Anonymous said...

do it more no oline plz :( then i will b :)

Anonymous said...

i like #50 i will pb do that in a few days lol

K.K. Angie said...

You know, you may not be able to DO a lot of this stuff, but I say that just READING THE LIST of stuff is entertaining. So stop whining! ☆

Anonymous said...

I tried to do # 74 but my dad didnt know my moms fathers name...

Anonymous said...

good ideas thanks for giving me and my friend something to do we created a blog :D

Andi said...

That's awesome! You should give us the link so we can visit it!

Nekobean said...

Hahaha, I thought this list was cool. :3
My New Year's Resolution is to keep myself busy as much as possible. Or at least to not mope around saying I'm bored all day.

That means I'm probably going to spend extra time on my homework, maybe keep my room cleaner, and do a lot of this stuff ><

Thanks for the ideas.
Hahaha, I started a blog last year. I put it as my url if you wanna see?

Andi said...

Nekobean, thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog and WOW, you're a fantastic writer!

I love how you describe where you live as "a cigarette-butt-sprinkled suburb in pennsylvania", and I also like the quote "At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back into the same box."

Anonymous said...

W-O-W i showed all my friends this and we tried to do them all in one week but since our parents won't let us do the making beer or wine thing we could'nt do all of it :-( bummer....but we stopped saying "im so freaking bored" to each other so yeah i think everyone was happy...well besides when we did 50 and a cop got mad and said we were "making law inforcement a joke to others" so yeah we hightailed it outta there...but we all say thank you for this wonderful but wierd list :-D

Andi said...

That's so cool that you tried to do them all in a week. Sorry about the wine and beer making ... maybe you could try making rootbeer instead? Homemade rootbeer rocks!

Anonymous said...

what # do u lik best

Andi said...

I'm a sucker for fried stuff, so #91 is my fave. :o)

Anonymous said...

i live in sleepy hollow so we got the headless horseman!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll try it

Anonymous said...

im gonna attempt to make a novel but it will fail. I know it will

Andi said...

Whether it succeeds or fails is irrelevant. If you write it -- whether it's good, bad or otherwise -- you did it! You wrote a novel! That makes you a success.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andi so far ive got the 1st chapter

Anonymous said...

my uncle glued mopney to the floor and this old laday came past and tried to pick it up but couldnt then later that day she came back with a hammer and chisel. LOL!!

Andi said...

Thanks, you just made my day!

Anonymous said...

uhhhh...............actually i was looking for a list that was funny not like a regular list so this one kinda sucked but sorry XD

Anonymous said...

Cool list, but I work at the Public Library, and if you tried #52 we would write you off as creepy and/or deranged.

Andi said...

*grin* I never thought if it that way.

Anonymous said...

I think this site is very good i will mention it to all my mates!!!

Andi said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

#102. Go letterboxing!! ( or It's more fun than geocaching.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt do any of those, the other list with 150 ideas was wayyy better

Sam said...

Hey, did write a speculative essay on the word PRAK

Anonymous said...

lol i luvved numba 50 lol
ahahaha what if sumone actually thought it was a real gunn n threw the cops on u that wud be evn more hilarious bahahaha

elearning software solutions said...

hahaha... plant a garden? what kind of plant is that? :D

Daniel Postlethwaite said...

LOL It's Fun to make you laugh.

Anonymous said...

when i bought something from the something i got a set of butchers knives and im 11

Anonymous said...

go to caella in spain and treat your self

Anonymous said...

Lol, love 50. Gotta try at my friends house coz i dont have a ahair dryer. Im already writing a novel. i also want to write encouraging thing on the sidewalk.

Andi said...

Good luck with your novel! :)

Anonymous said...

-flicking a rubber band at the ceiling and trying to catch it is very amusing
-you could build a fort out of sticks.
-make a target and throw stuff dipped in paint at it.
-hide all of you favorite foods.
-make signs for an up coming basketball game.
-make a list of things to do on this website(:

Anonymous said...

OMG luv 45! SO FUNNY

Anonymous said...

not alot of things you can do at home but some of the things were ok i guess........

Andi said...

Check out Bored Blog Almighty for tons of things to do at home when you're bored!

Anonymous said...

One-Sentence Story

One day, when James was REALLY bored,he decided to make a one-sentence story,which,of course, he had to put all his experience and hard work into-it required very good thinking skills-and when he added a little pizzazz to his story,he noticed every letter of the alphabet was used in his story, and he never knew until then that one-sentence stories can be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

ukulele rock

Anonymous said...

this didnt help me at all im still bored to death i mean really who wants to tie sailor knots

applebee555 said...

The reason youre still bored is because you just choose to do the things on the list that don't really require you to do anything. Pick something a bit more time consuming than tying a knot and you may be a little more entertained. I thought it was a pretty good list, thanks for tanking the time to do it.