Monday, August 18, 2008

The 20 most outrageous flavors of Japanese ice cream

The Yokahama Ice Cream Festival wrapped up last weekend. Considering some of the bizarre flavors featured at the festival, I can't help but admire how innovative the Japanese are ... and how BRAVE!

Ice cream that makes us all scream!

1. Beef tongue

2. Cactus

3. Charcoal

4. Cheese

5. Chicken wing

6. Chili pepper

7. Garlic

8. Goat

9. Octopus

10. Oyster

11. Pearl

12. Pit viper

13. Raw horseflesh

14. Salt

15. Shark fin noodle

16. Soy sauce

17. Squid

18. Tomato

19. Viagra

20. Wasabi

Mmmmmmm. They make you want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert, don't they?

Have you tried any of these flavors?
Would you try any of them?

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Anonymous said...

There is an ice cream chain called Cold Stone Creamery that features hand made ice cream. We have them on the West coast but I'm not sure about elsewhere. Every month they have a "special flavor" such as Red Candy Heart cinnamon flavor for February. One month they had Wasabi flavor. It was VERY interesting. For a second. Then it got annoying. I do have to say that through it I was having a craving for raw tuna...

Nice blog, BTW!!!

Andi said...

I would definitely try the cinnamon flavor, but I'm not adventurous enough to try wasabi!

symen said...

I tried wasabi ice cream once and it really tasted not so bad! Like plain wasibi it had a little sharp aftertaste which gave you little tears.

Paul from Japanese Ice Cream said...

Most of the flavours shown are not that bad - honestly most taste like vanilla. Charcoal is great.
I have tried heaps and have them all listed on my blog. Japanese Ice Cream

The Spiv said...

France 2005 - my wife and I were treated to a "house speciality" during a gourmet dinner at a restaurant near Riberac. After the second course, and before the main meal, we were treated to creamy fois gras sorbet. The description "interresting" springs to mind, as does "never again". I adore ice cream and fois gras - but they are not, in my opinion, particularly good bed-fellows!

I have to wonder what "flavour" is actually IN the viagra one - and more to the point, does it work???

Andi said...

Fois gras does"interesting". :o)

Believe me, I've been wondering about the Viagra ice cream too! ;o)

Ikonik Angel said...

I would definitely try the charcoal and cactus flavours. Probably pearl too, whatever that is.

Jill Harness said...

Cactus would be awesome. I once had aloe vera flavored ice cream and it was amazing.

martin said...

Nice ice creams..
But we should eat more fiber and vegetables in our daily diets.. :)

Dazy said...

Once me and my colleague had a chance to have Swiss premium ice creams, two scoops of Movenpick ice creams of our choice. They were simply soothing. This is something one can’t afford to miss. You scream, I scream for Ice Cream!!

Denzell Meva Evaril said...

I've tried Cheese Ice Cream. It's quite delicious.

Anonymous said...