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10 of the world's ugliest buildings & monuments

Travel can open your eyes to some of the world's most beautiful sights and buildings — and to some of the ugliest.

According to, these are ten of the most unsightly buildings and monuments in the world.

What do you think? Are there other buildings uglier than these?

1. Boston City Hall
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston City Hall
(image credit: cliff1066)

Boston City Hall
(image credit: cliff1066)

While it was hip for its time, this concrete structure now gets routinely criticized for its dreary facade and incongruity with the rest of the city's more genteel architecture. Luckily, it's very close to more aesthetically pleasing attractions.

2. Montparnasse Tower
Paris, France

Montparnasse Tower
(image credit: GsP8181)

Montparnasse Tower
(image credit: http2007)

While it's almost universally agreed that this ominous stick is a blight on the landscape of the world's most stunning city, its detractors admit that there is one very good reason to take in the view from the building's observation deck: it's the only place you can go to get a view of the city without it.

3. LuckyShoe Monument
Tuuri, Finland

LuckyShoe Monument
(image credit: darkismus)

LuckyShoe Monument
(image credit: samipien)

It may be over-the-top, but there is something to be said for the giant, golden horseshoe that looms over Finland's second-largest shopping center. The shoe, and, in fact, the entire town in which it is situated, is said to bring good luck.

4. Metropolitan Cathedral
Liverpool, England

Metropolitan Cathedral
(image credit: Ian-S)

Metropolitan Cathedral
(image credit: stephen_dedalus)

The people who work here must be sick of the space capsule jokes. Even those who find the building's shell a bit "spacey," have to admit the circular interior is pretty spectacular.

5. Port Authority Bus Terminal
New York City, New York, USA

Port Authority Bus Terminal
(image credit: Gregory Melle)

Port Authority Bus Terminal
(image credit: 28 Dreams)

Those who pass by this iron monstrosity might be tempted to ask about a completion date, but alas, this is the finished product.

6. Torres de Colon
Madrid, Spain

Torres de Colon
(image credit: Jorge Rodriguez)

Torres de Colon
(image credit: kharkoma)

Like a set of giant salt-and-pepper shakers, these matching towers loom over the city to the dissatisfaction of many area residents. The buildings are also known as "El Enchufe" or "The Plug" for the plug-like structure that holds them together.

7. Kunstmuseum
Vaduz, Liechtenstein

(image credit: Libär)

(image credit: Libär)

Some feel the building's minimalist box design is a triumph, others say it's an eyesore.

8. Scottish Parliament Building
Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Parliament Building
(image credit: dbaron)

Scottish Parliament Building
(image credit: colinjcampbell)

Stone, oak, and bamboo are part of the make-up of the Scottish Parliament, a building that is the subject of much debate.

9. Birmingham Central Library
Birmingham, England

Birmingham Central Library
(image credit: Martin O'Connell)

Birmingham Central Libraryt
(image credit: Martin O'Connell)

One look and it's easy to see how this genre of architecture came to be known as the "Brutalist" style. Not surprisingly, the issue of its possible demolition has been looming for years.

10. Peter the Great Statue
Moscow, Russia

Peter the Great Statue
(image credit: Captain Chaos)

Peter the Great Statue
(image credit: beggs)

Some 15 stories high, the larger-than-life monument was designed by controversial artist, Zurab K. Tsereteli, whose statue of Christopher Columbus was repeatedly rejected by the United States.

(sources: Reuters &

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DawnTom said...

Now you are making me want to put one of these ugly monuments on my must-visit list.

Ricky Peterson said...

Very informative post. There are many structures in the world that can be stated as the most ugkiest structures. some of them are Ryogyong Hotel, Royal Ontario Musuem, Petrobras Headquarters, Markel Building, Zizkov Television Tower, Beehive, National Library of Pristina, Center Georges Pompidou, Federation Square, Morris A. Mechanic Theater for more details on this structure visit Top 10 World’s Ugliest Structures

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