Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fake out

Fake #01
(image credit: funadium)

Top 5 faked memoirs
Five hoaxes that fooled the world
Fake names, real Oscars: five nominees who didn't really exist
Top 5 scam artists
5 ways to spot a fake photo
Six more hoaxes that fooled the world
7 fantastic internet hoaxes
Top 8 dirty tricks scammers use
Top 10 best fake American accents
10 fake archaeological finds
10 fake brands used by the entertainment industry
The top ten fake celebrity blogs
Top 10 fake celebrity gossip headlines you'll never see
Top ten fake movie trailers
10 fake movies I want to see
Top 10 fake tattoos in movies
Top 10 fictitious bands in movies
10 knock-offs that'll knock your socks off
Ten of the best literary fake deaths
@DarthVader? 11 fake Twitterers ripe for a takedown

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andiscandis said...

Is it weird that now I want to read all of those fake memoirs? (I already read A Million Little Pieces, about a month before the truth came out.)

Andi said...

I figure a good story's a good story, even if it isn't true! :o)