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Time well wasted: 25 fun things to do online when you're bored

February 23, 2014 - Please note: Many of the links in the list below are now old and broken. For a current list of fun things to do online, check out:

101 weird and wonderful ways to waste time on the web


Some of these activities are quick, some take a long time, and some never end. Some have a purpose, while others are simply pointless time wasters. Enjoy!

Gawk at photos

Sistine Chapel

At Strictly No Photography see photos of places where photography isn't allowed ... taken by people who weren't supposed to take them!


Or check out flickrvision. It merges Flickr photos with Google Maps in an interesting, voyeuristic slideshow of random, up-to-the-minute photos from around the globe.


F*** My Life

Think you've got it bad? Check out F*** My Life where anyone can vent about something in their life that's gotten them down. Hilarious, irreverent, and highly topical, read other people's FMLs and add your own.

Change your mood

Listen to free streaming binaural beats at I Dose designed to alter your mood. Try Mirage to help with art & creative activities, Relaxation to calm down at the end of a busy day, Aspirin for headaches and general pains, and more.

Spy on penguins ... or the Loch Ness monster

Penguin web cams

Check out what penguins are doing in Antarctica with these web cams.

Or, see if you can spot Nessie in a live feed from Loch Ness!

Change your look


Upload a photo to the DailyMakeover and try out celebrity hairstyles and makeup trends.

Or try on thousands of virtual hairstyles at TheHairStyler.

Send an extraordinary letter

World's Smallest Postal Service

Compose a letter online and the World's Smallest Postal Service will transcribe it in the tiniest of script, seal it with a miniscule wax seal, and send it with a magnifying glass so your recipient can read it.


Or visit Oceangram. Put a message in a bottle and throw it into the virtual ocean, or pluck a bottle from the waves and read messages from around the world. You can even track your own bottles so you can see what kinds of comments get added to your messages by other people.

Build a pet

Virtual fishtank

Build your own fish, release it into the gigantic 24,000 gallon virtual tank and watch it interact with others.

Read a book

Read at work

Read a book at work! Thanks to this site, your boss will never know because it'll look like you're viewing a PowerPoint presentation.

Or check out, a community for free online book reading. The site offers book clubs, book uploads and a web-based book reader.

Decorate your desktop

Social Wallpapering

Not only can you find really nifty, free, high-resolution desktop wallpapers at Social Wallpapering, you can also rate and categorize them.

Rearrange the furniture


Move furniture around to your heart's content with this free online room design tool that makes it easy and fun to create a room design. Pick from a huge array of furniture and accessories, then just drag and drop.

Become a superhero

The Hero Factory

If you've always dreamed of being a superhero, you can turn yourself into one at the Hero Factory.

Marvel Create Your Own Superhero

Or create your own Marvel superhero.



TypeRacer is a social typing game that lets you match your speed against strangers or friends.


Acrobots is a fun, unusal web toy that's perfect for whiling away the time.

Falling Sand

Falling Sand is one of the internet's most addictive time wasters. Just experiment with the choices at the bottom of the screen and you'll quickly get the hang of it.


Letters lets you move letters around on the board and form words if you want. Be careful, though. Other people will keep trying to steal your letters (it is lot of fun to mess with other people's words)!

Try some serendipity

In the mood for something random? Try for something completely unexpected.

Or, how about Wild Mood Swings? It picks a site for you based on your mood!

Watch paint dry

Seriously, check out the official watching paint dry webcam!

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Anonymous said...

Great! I love Falling Sand.

Anonymous said...

i lovvvvveeeeee falling sand! its sooo addicting! and the note in a bottle can be really weird!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Trolling.

Anonymous said...

watching paint dry is fun

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of messages in bottles about god.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never thought being bored could be so interesting & intertaining. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i locw making list myself and this site is awsome!

Anonymous said...

this website is good but i like the list of 150 better :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this website.I sent 1,000 mini letters from the worlds smallest post office.

binaural beats girl said...

This list is awesome. I love that you listed listening to free binaural beats, something that I very much enjoy!

Christy A. Cole-Burrows said...

Thanks so much for this! I just used your link to the binaural beats for my novel experience of the day for my blog
When I write the post, I will link back to this page! Thanks!

Andi said...

Christy, I love your idea to experience something new every day and I envy your fabulous Shaun the Sheep cake. Good luck with your project!

syeds said...

Trolling also a part of it...think of it.


hailuda said...

i must say i wasn't bored 4 two hours now.
me likeeee.

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