Monday, April 20, 2009

10 of the world's most unusual places to spend the night

Tired of boring old hotels? With limited vacation time, there's no reason your lodging shouldn't be as fun as the rest of your travel experience!

From converted train cars to converted prisons, here are 10 of the world's most out-of-the-ordinary places to stay.

1. Edisto River Treehouses
Canadys, South Carolina

Edisto River Treehouses
(image via: Carolina Heritage Outfitters)

Edisto River
(image credit: pug freak)

For those who refuse to grow up, a stay in a tree house is a dream come true. Not only is it fun, but it's clean, safe, and very reasonable.

2. Celica Hostel
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Celica Hostel
(image credit: hey mr glen)

Meal area in Hostel Celica
(image credit: skinnydiver)

If you've always wanted to spend a night in the slammer, now's your chance. Once a military prison, this happening hot spot is now an art gallery and youth hostel

3. Schottenstift Monastery
Vienna, Austria

(image credit: neiljs)

(image credit: Morgennebel)

If the bellboys look like monks, you're not imagining things. This hotel is actually a functioning monastery where your wake-up call might just be chanting.

4. The Red Caboose Motel
Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Red Caboose Motel
(image credit: azz)

Red Caboose Motel
(image credit: Cowtools)

All aboard! Although they once traveled from city to city, these little red cabooses now function as private hotel rooms. Needless to say, kids go crazy for this place.

5. Propeller Island
Berlin, Germany

Symbol Room
(image credit: Sterin)

Castle Room
(image credit: Sterin)

Crime Scene Room
(image credit: Sterin)

Art lovers rejoice! From upside-down rooms to levitating beds, it's the next best thing to spending the night in a museum.

6. Schlosshotel Schoenburg
Oberwesel, Germany

Castle Hotel Schoenburg
(image credit: gte333f)

Hotel Schoenburg
(image via: Hotel Schoenburg)

For a true fantasy experience, nothing beats a night in a genuine castle. In spite of its long history, all modern amenities, including Internet service, are available to guests.

7. Ariau Amazon Towers
Near Manaus, Brazil

Ariau Amazon Towers
(image credit: Zemlinki!)

Ariau Amazon Towers
(image credit: Zemlinki!)

Connected by a series of catwalks, eight buildings comprise this compound, which has become a favorite of celebrities and everyday travelers alike.

8. Hotel Sidi Driss
Matmata, Tunisia

Hotel Sidi Driss
(image credit: scottroberts)

Hotel Sidi Driss
(image credit: scottroberts)

The force was with the cast and crew of Star Wars when they filmed at this out-of-this-world property. The amenities are minimal, but at less than $20 a night, so is the price.

9. Euromast
Rotterdam, Netherlands

(image credit: Tom M. Schenkenberg)

(image credit: box of lettuce)

A tourist attraction by day, this imposing tower becomes an exclusive hotel at night. Those wishing to give it a go should book early; the tower's two suites fill up three months in advance.

10. The Giraffe Manor
Nairobi, Kenya

Giraffe Manor
(image credit: chococliff)

Giraffe Manor
(image credit: Danny McL)

Don't bother with a "Do Not Disturb" sign. The long-necked visitors who peek in through the windows of this extraordinary compound will just ignore it!

(sources: Reuters &

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