Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 outrageously fun things to do & see around the world

The world has a surprising amount of wacky attractions and activities — and a surprising number of travelers willing to go out of their way to find them. For people seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, we give you these 10, ranging from whipped cream fights, to cockroach races, to eating from a toilet bowl!

1. The Great Whipped Cream Battle
Olomouc, Czech Republic

whipped cream battle armory
(image credit: captain oddsocks)

whipped cream battle
(image credit: captain oddsocks)

The Great Whipped Cream Battle is the highlight of Olomouc's week-long city festival. Participants are divided into opposing teams and are armed with trays of cream. There's a countdown, the teams rush toward each other, and when they meet in the center the cream begins to fly!

2. The Modern Toilet Restaurant
Taipei, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant
(image credit: kmk & aka)

Modern Toilet Restaurant
(image credit: hellinjay)

Modern Toilet Restaurant
(image credit: hellinjay)

Find good food for less than $10 at this Taipei eatery — provided you don't mind eating out of a toilet bowl (not to worry, the bowls only look like toilets). With bathtubs for tables and real toilets for seats, eating here is a very unique dining experience, to say the least!

3. Eeyore's Birthday
Austin, Texas

(image credit: MoxyJane)

Eeyore's birthday party
(image credit: jdn)

Eeyore's birthday party
(image credit: ms golightly)

In Austin, adults and kids alike use Winnie the Pooh's fictional friend as an excuse to party.

Eeyore's Birthday has been celebrated for more than 40 years in Austin. Admission is free and money raised from the sale of food, drinks and face-painting is donated to local non-profits.

4. Sourtoe Cocktail
Dawson City, Yukon

Downtown Hotel
(image via: Downtown Hotel)

The toe
(image credit: Jennoit)

Anyone with a strong stomach can gain entry into the Downtown Hotel's Sourtoe Cocktail Club by sipping a drink containing one of the hotel's preserved human toes.

You have a choice of picking from five genuine human toes, and the idea is to down the drink without swallowing the toe. Every now and then, someone gulps one of the digits down and ends up having their stomach pumped — but everyone gets a nifty certificate regardless.

5. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant
Bangkok, Thailand

Cabbages & Condoms
(image credit: iainrbanks)

Cabbages & Condoms
(image credit: Ryan Harvey)

Don't be misled by the restaurant's odd name or put off by the array of contraceptive devices for sale. This very popular place raises funds for the country's family planning program. And all diners get a condom with coffee — instead of an after-dinner mint.

6. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Races
London, England

pancake race
(image credit: Martin Deutsch)

pancake race
(image credit: pfig)

Pancake races have characterized Shrove Tuesday in the UK for centuries. At this one, all you need is a team and a crazy costume, and you have a shot at stardom.

7. Shot Cafe
Riga, Latvia

Shot Cafe
(image credit: vesa@68)

Shot Cafe
(image credit: Liam Hetherington)

A glitzy toilet bowl, a magical paper-towel dispenser, and an ever-changing light show that turns the loo from a deep blood-red to a vibrant green to a shadowy blue to a piercing white, make the bathroom at Shot Cafe one of the most memorable parts of the visit!

8. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Wine Spa
Hakone, Japan

wine spa
(image credit: sanukseeker)

wine spa
(image via: Getty Images)

Nurse yourself — and your favorite beverage — in a red wine pool in the shadow of Mt. Fuji.

9. Cafe Gratitude
San Francisco, California

Cafe Gratitude
(image credit: Shayan (USA))

Cafe Gratitude
(image credit: mswine)

Order a plate of "I Am Sensational" (pesto pizza) or "I Am Thankful" (coconut curry soup) at the San Francisco eatery that aims to fill your being as much as your stomach.

10. Cockroach Races
Brisbane, Australia

cockroach races
(image credit: VRGuy)

cockroach races
(image via: Australia Day Cockroach Races)

Each Australia Day, Brisbane's Story Bridge Hotel encourages visitors to "BYO Roach" for its creepy-crawly cockroach races.

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London Hotel said...

Very funny post! I wish to visit at least some of the places you showed here. I'm planning to travel around the world next year thorough ECT. You gave me some good thoughts to my list! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

lol, i like the brisbanian one. i live in brisbane-i've never been to cockroach racing, but. actually never heard of it either, but it still sounds awesome!