Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iEverything: 20 marvelous items inspired by the iPod & iPhone

Admit it. It would be next to impossible to live without your iPod or iPhone. Luckily, you'll never be very far from one, since so many other awesome things in life have been inspired by Apple's ubiquitous gadget!

1. Cupcakes

iPod cupcake
(image credit: clevercupcakes)

iPhone cupcakes
(image credit: nickbilton)

2. Costumes

iPhone costume
(via: DVICE)

ipod dog costume
(via: DVICE)

3. Doormat

Slide to Unlock doormat
(via: Meninos)

4. iPad Tower, Dubai

iPad Tower, Dubai
(via: Boing Boing)

5. Needlework

cross-stitched dead ipod
(via: Apartment Therapy Unplggd)

6. Vase

iPod-inspired vase
(via: freshome)

7. Coffee table

iPod coffee table
(via: CraziestGadgets.com)

8. Car advertisement

Chevy Aveo ad
(via: below the bottom line)

9. USB flash memory

USB flash memory
(via: technabob)

10. Artwork

(via: Switched)

11. Candy

(via: Popgadget)

12. Baby clothes

iPop My Baby
(via: iPop My Baby)

iPop My Baby
(via: iPop My Baby)

13. Coasters

iPhone coasters
(via: PicoCool)

14. Measuring tape

(via: Newlaunches.com)

15. Ice cream bar

(via: Norway.com)

16. Soap

iPod soap
(etsy seller: Handmade Geekery)

17. Bottle opener

iDrink bottle opener
(via: technabob)

18. Jewelry

Earbuds necklace by Anna Tascha Larsson
(designed by: Anna Tascha Larsson)

(via: Cuff-Daddy)

19. Towels

iPod crossbones hand towel
(via: Shana Logic)

20. Advertisement that can be seen from space!

iPod from orbit
(via: Gizmodo)

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