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150 things to do when you're bored

This started out as a list just for kids, but I soon realized that most of these activities would be fun for people of all ages! So, whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, here are 150 boredom busters to get you through the rest of the summer ... and beyond.

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1. Challenge your friends to a marble tournament.

Fried marbles
(image via: eHow)

2. Or fry up some marbles and make jewelry!

3. Set up a lemonade stand. You could even donate your earnings to charity!

4. Adopt a word.

5. Play classic video games in your backyard.

6. Sculpt with old books.

(image via: Operation NICE)

7. List 20 things you like about someone. Now give the list to that person and make their day.

8. Host a movie marathon — but choose the DVDs with your eyes closed. Don't forget popcorn!

9. Walk your dog. Or offer to walk a neighbor's dog. If you can't find a dog to walk, try walking your cat ... or your ferret. Or you could try washing your dog — or your neighbor's dog.

10. Bring dog treats to the park and meet 25 new dogs.

pet rock
(image credit: ittybittiesforyou)

11. Don't have access to a pet? Make your own! Gather some rocks from outdoors and glue or draw eyes on them. Print out a box template so you can package a pet rock to give to someone who might need a friend. Or make a bunch of pet rocks to sell!

12. Find 10 gnomes in 10 minutes.

13. Get some friends together and play blindman's bluff.

14. Improve your vocabulary and help to end world hunger.

rainbow jello
(image via: Do Better)

15. Prepare some jiggly finger jello. Or rainbow jello. Have a jello eating contest and eat with your hands behind your back!

16. Or jiggle some virtual jello.

17. Build paper models.

18. Compose music with your computer keyboard.

19. Organize an improvised sports day. Play ping pong on a table with 2 books and a rubber ball. Use plastic bottles as bowling pins. Play basketball or volleyball with a crumpled up piece of paper. Use pens as hockey sticks and a bottle cap as a puck. Or bend wire hangers to make croquet wickets .. and use toilet plungers for the mallets!

20. Direct a mini movie starring your friends or members of your family. Write a script (or use your favorite book), make costumes, design sets and props. It doesn't even have to be very long — try making a one-minute movie! When you're done upload your movie to YouTube and share it with the world!

21. Raining? Don't hide indoors. Whether you're 3, 13, 33 or 63, get out there and splash in the puddles. Feel the joy!

(image via: Photojojo)

22. Put together some photo puzzle blocks.

23. Or assemble an old puzzle and paint your own picture onto the surface. Or cut up magazines and glue a collage onto it. Then separate the pieces (you may need to cut them apart) and see if you can put your puzzle back together again.
Or build puzzles online.

24. Give some old clothes a new life. Tie-dye a t-shirt or repurpose some jeans.

25. Paint a room in your house. Or do a painting of a room in your house.

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26. Write a letter to someone using only letters cut from newspapers and magazines. Or whip up a quick one online. Now mail it!

(image credit: ktpupp)

27. Microwave s'mores. Or peanut butter s'mores.

28. Explore new worlds.

29. Compile a list of 100 random things about yourself. Share them with us in the comments here!

30. Memorize your favorite poem.

31. Go for a whole day without speaking. Can you do it? Challenge friends or family members to join you.

32. Write a letter to yourself to be read at your high school graduation. Or your wedding. Or at your 50th birthday party. What would you tell yourself?

33. Try not to think about purple gorillas.

34. Drink 9 glasses of water in one day.

35. Name a puppy.

(image credit: kebella)

36. Learn the art of calligraphy.

37. Send a thank you note to someone who did something nice for you.

38. Write a book, a story or a poem. Print it from your printer, or just handwrite it using your nicest penmanship. Now give it to someone as a gift — or donate it to a library.

39. Or, collaborate on a story with a friend, each of you taking turns writing the chapters.

40. Don't know what to write about? People-watch at the park and make up stories about the interesting people you see.

41. Challenge yourself to write a story that's only 100 words long (it's not as easy as you think!) — share it with us in the comments here!

42. Illustrate an entire story (maybe your autobiography!) with stick people.

cantaloupe monkey
(image via: Instructables)

43. Play with your food.

44. Run up and down the stairs. Can you do it 10 times? 50? 100? Now beat that!

45. Catalog your books. Or inventory your socks.

46. Invent your own board game. Use a board and pieces from an old game you don't use anymore (Candyland anyone?).

47. Try to catch 25 grapes in your mouth, one at a time.

48. Host a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. For younger kids, create a wordless hunt, leaving only pictures (or photos) as clues. One clue will lead to the next, which will lead to the next, and so on. For teens and adults, try some of these ideas.

homemade sidewalk chalk
(image via: Mad Maggie Designs)

49. Whip up some homemade sidewalk chalk.

50. Use your chalk to write something encouraging on the sidewalk — in 10 different places.

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51. Brighten someone's day! Leave inspirational notes between the pages of library books. Or download spoke cards to secretly attach to people's bikes.

52. Post a funny missing dog poster.

53. Design funky cushions — enough to cover your entire bed!

54. Construct a Rube Goldberg device (not like the one on Family Guy!).

55. Rent some inline skates and hit the bike paths or sidewalks.

56. Start an ongoing project — take a photo of something (yourself maybe?) everyday for a year or do something like the Uniform Project to raise money for a charity.

Robo Broskies
(image credit: Tinkerbots)

57. Build robots using items found around the house (please don't take the toaster apart without permission).

58. Read comic books.

59. Create your own comic book (printable templates here) or turn your favorite novel into a comic book.

60. Get inspired with fun comic book covers.

61. Assemble a shoebox all about you — decorate the outside to represent what others see, then fill the inside with objects to represent the things others might not know about you.

62. Or create a childhood in a jar.

63. Organize a camp out in your backyard — if you're not old enough to stay in the yard overnight just pitch a tent and spend the day.

banana pops
(image via:

64. Whip up some chocolate banana pops.

65. Prepare a picnic to eat in your backyard. Or in the park. Or even in your living room.

66. Engage in an epic waterhose battle (in the yard, not the house). Or how about a shaving cream fight? Or pelt each other with pudding!

67. Follow an ant around the yard and see what ants really do all day.

68. Plan a tea party with real tea cups and little sandwiches — you know, the ones with the crusts cut off.

69. Learn a magic trick.

top-secret camera case
(image via: Photojojo)

70. Turn a book into a top-secret camera case

71. When's the last time you made a fingerpainting? Create a masterpiece. Then try painting with your toes.

72. Construct a sundial. Or just learn about how sundials work.

73. Dye your hair with Kool-Aid (assure your parents it's not permanent).

74. Check out what free activities are offered at your public library.

75. Go for a walk with a memory box. Fill it with objects you find (rocks, old birds' nests, flowers, leaves, rocks, etc). Take pics to put in the box too. Use the items to write a story or create a collage or sculpture.

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76. Launch your own website or blog. Fill your site with movie reviews or blogging advice, or something else you're an expert at. Or help out someone else who would like to start one but can't quite figure out how.

77. Plant flowers. If you don't have anywhere to plant them outdoors, plant them in a pot indoors instead. Or plant vegetables. Or try growing something exotic like a Venus flytrap!

(image via: The Wool Food Mama)

78. Or put together a terrarium.

79. Build edible cookie houses with cookie wafers, candy and frosting. Customize them for upcoming holidays. Christmas has gingerbread houses, so why shouldn't Labor Day or Thanksgiving have houses too?

80. Clean out the garage, the attic or the basement, gather up all your old toys and games and have a garage sale — you'll free up space and make a bit of cash while you're at it. Not interested in having strangers come to your sale? Have a private, by-invitation-only sale.

81. If garage sales aren't your thing, sell your stuff on eBay. Or arrange a swap with friends or neighbors. Or donate your old clothes or toys to charity.

82. Create a life-sized self portrait. Get a big roll of paper, lie down on it, and get someone to trace around your body. Now fill in the details.

83. Write a haiku. Or get the internet to write one for you.

84. How many things could you make with a cardboard box?

sand art
(image via: McCormick)

85. Tint sand with food color (or powdered paint) and create sand art in jars. Or make sand pictures.

86. Sculpt with tinfoil.

87. Become a mad scientist.

88. Organize a traveling meal with your friends (works best if you all live close together). Go to House #1 for appetizers, House #2 for salad, House #3 for soup, House #4 for the main course, and House #5 for dessert.

89. Not keen on all the traveling? Have a potluck instead.

90. Pull teh tail bak and launch teh kitteh to nom nom nom 4 fud.

91. Play telephone pictionary with your friends.

giant bubble
(image credit: Oceanik)

92. Blow gigantic bubbles.

93. Try flying a kite with the kite attached to the back of your bike.

94. Break or set a world record.

95. Count how many licks it takes you to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

96. Doodle on anything BUT a piece of paper. Try doodling on a leaf or a shoe ... or even a My Little Pony!

97. Write a letter to your favorite famous person (find some addresses here). Let us know in the comments if you get a reply!

98. Host the opposite of a slumber party — invite your friends over for a wake-a-thon. Can you stay awake for 24 hours straight? How about 36? You could even get pledges from neighbors and relatives and raise money for a charity.

Crayon Hearts
(image via: Martha Stewart)

99. Use crayons and wax paper to create faux stained glass.

100. Open your own bike wash. Set up a water-filled tub in the driveway, pour in some mild dish soap, grab some sponges, and invite the neighbors to bring their bikes and toys for cleaning.

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101. Set up a track and have an itty-bitty Indy race with remote-controlled cars.

102. Blow up a kiddy pool and invite everyone over for a pool party.

103. Get the glass!

104. Put your fork aside and eat with your fingers. Choose challenging foods like spaghetti and ice cream!

French toast kabobs
(image via: Martha Stewart)

105. Assemble French toast kabobs.

106. Take a virtual tour of the White House.

107. Declare a backwards day! Wear your clothes backward and start the day off right with a nutritious supper — dessert first!

108. Or, have an opposite day instead.

109. Put together a time capsule and bury it in your yard. Or hide it in your attic or basement.

110. Compose a letter to future inhabitants of your house so they'll know what you and your family were like when you lived there.

111. Construct fairy houses in your yard.

(image via: Instructables)

112. Make homemade ice cream drumsticks.

113. Send secret messages to your friends using invisible ink.

114. Explore the past.

115. Collect something unusual — like sugar packets!

116. Build a button yo-yo and practice yo-yo tricks.

117. Set up an obstacle course in your yard.

118. Transform yourself into a Starship Enterprise crew member.

Inukshuk at Toronto International Airport
(image credit: Antony Pranata)

119. Gather some stones and construct an inukshuk.

120. Start a vacation journal to pass around among your friends. Have each friend take the journal along on their vacation to write in and attach pics of what they did. When they get home they can pass it on to the next friend who's going on holiday.

121. Insert encouraging messages into helium-filled balloons and release them. Be sure to include your email address so people can contact you if they find one!

122. Plan your family's escape route in case of fire.

123. Build a bird feeder. Or a bird house.

124. Adopt a pet (you'll need to get the ok from your parents or the other people in your house).

125. Whip up some homemade smoothies. Or slurpees.

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ice cream sandwiches
(image via: plum pudding)

126. Put together some homemade ice cream sandwiches.

127. Start a summer snowball fight.

128. Laugh 400 times today. Keep count.

129. Learn Morse Code.

130. Head to your local dollar store and pick up supplies to make some of these awesome crafts.

131. Build a clubhouse. Modify an old garden shed or playhouse you no longer use, or convert an unused corner of your garage or attic.

132. Become a tattoo artist.

anti-boredom kit
(image via: Instructables)

133. Put together a silly survival kit or make a pocket anti-boredom kit.

134. Try Spam. No, not the internet kind. The real deal. Try out some spamtastic recipes.

135. Read a novel from beginning to end in one sitting (it's ok to take bathroom breaks).

136. Buy property on Mars.

137. Make your own 3D glasses.

138. Organize a neighborhood cleanup. Invite friends and neighbors to help.

139. Assemble a shoebox dollhouse. Or a shoebox "action figure" house (action figures sold separately).

140. Put together a pinhole camera.

baking soda volcano
(image via:

141. Concoct a baking soda volcano.

142. Call your local fire department and ask (nicely!) if they conduct tours. If they do, arrange to take a firehouse tour. Bring the firefighters some cookies to thank them for their time.

143. Learn how to tie a necktie.

144. Decoupage a lunchbox.

145. Spin a drawing.

146. Go on an alphabet walk. Pick a letter of the alphabet and find as many things as you can that begin with that letter. Or, try to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

(image credit: Leo Reynolds)

147. Take photos of the letters you see. Or, snap pictures of things that look like letters of the alphabet.

148. Dig a hole.

Big Red Button

149. Whatever you do, do NOT push the big red button!

150. Print out this list and separate the ideas with scissors. Put them all into a jar and any time you're bored, just pick one!

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Andrew said...

11. I've also seen these promotional foam walking pets online. They might be good to give away to lonely friends. Though they might get a few glares walking a foam pet on the street.

Jolk said...

Thanks for that

Heather - - said...

Wow, what a list!! :) Thanks for sharing my site. Your list is going to keep us busy for the rest of the summer! :)

The Wool Food Mama said...

What a fun site!! Thank you.

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sydney said...

sorry but this list is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Most of these ideas arent even fun... AT ALL

Andi said...

Hey, that's totally ok. Take a look around, though. There are tons of other fun lists on our site!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol this is fantastic! thanks for posting!

Gabriel said...

I like the big Red Dot!! Its awsome!!

eandbluvers said...

wow i was too sceared to press the red button

Anonymous said...

1. cheese
2. buster
3. desk
4. zebras
6. pics
7. boxes
8. Fred
9. french fries
10. Taylor Swift
11. music
12. white and black
13. aqua
14. jewlry
15. painting
16. tv
17. spongebob
18. hoodies
19. mall
20. dance
21. scarves
22. smiley faces
23. porcelin dolls
24. smoothies
25. Juice Stop
26. cell phones
27. movies
28. peace signs
29. hearts
30. the beach
31. lamps
32. stuffed animals
33. posters
34. candy
35. old things
36. exet...
i have to do every thing the list says!!!

Andi said...

Hooray for spongebob! :o)

Andi said...

eandbluvers, go ahead and press it. I dare you!

Anonymous said...

what happens when u press the red butten

Andi said...

It's a great way to waste a LOT of time!

Anonymous said...

COOLNESS!!! Me and my friend could never find anything really entertaining... (We're really random... and it has to be that way to keep us entertained... even though we're easily amused :D)

Anonymous said...

where is the white button/rabbit ugggggggg!!!

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Sam Pizelo said...

I owe it all to you! I saw a new comment and was like (as always) "who is this person?" then was like: "WOAHHHH! CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT." Hopefully it will be a good blog ;)

Andi said...

All of you should check out Sam's blog, Workspace Sanity. Sam is doing everything on this list -- at work! Go see how much fun he's having!

Anonymous said...

yo the big red button is poopy

Anonymous said...

random things about me;

1. my middle name is mclellan
2. im lactose intolerant
3. im a pony
4. yesterday my science teacher let me run around the classroom screaming "neigh!"
5. im home sick today
6. i made my halloween costume last tuesday
7. this morning at 6:43 i used nasal spray
8. when i grow up im going to be a unicorn
9. i have a toshiba laptop
10. my phone is currently in the sewer
11. i have twin sisters
13. last night i had a dream about justin bieber
14. i have straight hair
15. you can see the vein in my wrist
16. im not wearing socks right now :o
17. im going to the doctors today
18. i play piano
19. there is no number 12.
20. you just looked.

ok. im bored now.

Andi said...

That's the best list I've read all day! :D

Anonymous said...

like omg this sooo helps i almost killed myself with bordum but after i read your list and ALL the comments i wasnt bored anymore and im doing #46 right now!!! its sooo exciting like OMG!!!

Nicki <3 THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Ok cool list but the best of them all was the big red button I won and the text was agitated. Its hifunylous

Anonymous said...

You guys are so weird =]

Anonymous said...

how do you WIN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH II cant figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E the bid red button!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There once was a dog named Bo. He lived in a very nice house where he ate his gourmet dog food of silver platters. One day, Bo got bored of his house and went outside for a walk. In front of him on the sidewalk Bo saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He couldn’t believe hid little doggy eyes. She was a beautiful cocker spaniel, her coat glistening in the sun. He got up the courage to ask her out to the doggy park, but she REJECTED him. He walked home sadly with his prize-winning tail tucked down.

Andi said...


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone I have entered a young entrepreneur contest and I have submitted a video to please check it out and vote for me
Thanks Barbara McLEan-Stollery

Anonymous said...

thats not wat older kids like to do but those are good ideas

Anonymous said...

25 random things about me

1) I like green
2) Im chewing gum rite now
3) Im typing
4) Im bored
5) I have i blue scrunchie in
6) There is an orange cup to the left of me
7) There are numbers before each of thes sentences
8) I dont know how to spell parentases
9) Told you so
10) I own a universal remote
11) Page 18 is missing from one of my magazines
13) I speak some French
14) Il fait du soliel aujhord o'ui
15) It is sunny outside today
16) I think candy is awesome
17) Im bored
18) I alredy said that sentence in #4
19) Lol you totally just looked at #4!!
20) There was no #12
21) Ha! You looked again!
22) Im really immature
23) You probably didn't need me to tell you that last one
24) Its wierd im less bored now
25) I sometimes get John Lennon mixed uo with Jay Leno

Jennifer said...

This list is the best i dont have a printer so i wrote them all down :)well done

Anonymous said...

i <3 the red button

Anonymous said...

okay, how long does the big red button go on for?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

100 random facts about me:
1. i hate pickles, but love saying the word
2. i have a gerbil and an albino hamster
3. my brother's name is jeremy
4. my middle name is Diana
5. I own an overhead projector
6. I own a whiteboard
7. The carpet in my room is pink
8. i loveee pasta!!!!!!!!
9. i'm in 6th grade
10. my fave color is purple
11. my backup fave color is teal
12. i have a rock friend named steve
13. i have a halloween pencil with a green eraser
14. i have 3 scarves
15. i love the jonas brothers
16. my fave stuffed animal/bff: bunny
17. theres a hole in my sock
18. i dont watch spanish channels even when im bored
19. i keep my nailpolish in a black purse
21. i love cheese (and saying it) cheeezzz
22. my email is a yahoo account
23. i live by a lake
24. i write books
25. i love wearing jeans (idk y, i just do)
26. i have bangs
27. i get bored a lot
28. 2 of my lucky numbers are 1 and 11
29. last year in softball i was on the braves
30. my name is not Wakanda (but i was in a movie)(inside joke w/friend)
31. my nintendo DS is white
32. I have a mole on the back of my hand
33. i recently got my first pimple :(
34. my mom has a red CRV
35. i do not, nor ever will, own a gorilla
36. i keep a bottle of purell on my computer desk
37. i love to doodle when i'm bored
38. i have a folder of my "Guy" comics
39. my comic guy, "Guy", has a friend named Stan who is body-less
40. i'm 11. (lucky number)
41. i had a grilled cheese sandwich the other day
42. i go to parker middle school
43. i love Reesee's
44. i found a hairclip on my floor
45. i have selena gomez posters
46. i hate hilary duff
47. i love cinnamon raisin bagels
48. my school's lunches aren't that appetizing... but i buy them anyways
49. i almost got a concussion when i was little
50. I'm half way done with 100 random things about me!
51. i've tried making a halloween costume for my gerbil... she didnt want to wear it.
52. i have licked lollipops!
53. i hate erasable pens but i use em anyways
54. i dont wear headbands that often
55. this is getting boring...
56. i had the same teacher for grades 2/3
57. i've skipped a grade (jk, jk)
58. my dad makes awesome bacon
59. i can cook pasta
60. i make the BEST pasta sauce EVER
61. i love fried dough, but can never finish one
62. i've decorated rocks, hid them, then found them again with my friend
63. i have tons of webkinz but never go on the website
64. i love Crayola but hate Roseart
65. i have blue string and yellow string
66. i have brown hair
67. i have brown eyes
68. i have a brown house
69. i love chocolate! (which is brown)
70. my bday is 3/9
71. last year, my bday party was spa themed
72. last year i was in my school play as an extra
73. i'm a girl.
74. i use PRO-Namel toothpaste
75. i'm obsessed with Bejeweled Blitz as well as my parents are.
76. My gerbil's food bowl is yellow.
77. my ears are pierced. backpack is pink
79. my nonnie/opa live in wayland (MA) and wells (ME) (both W's)
80. i've never been dead.
81. i haven't ever kissed a hippo.
82. my 3 fave animals are monkeys, dolphins and gerbils/hamsters (tied cuz i have both and they're both cute)
83. i have made puppet shows.
84. me/my friend have a movie series called "the Babysitter" series.
85. i <3 fraps from Sully's
86. i've had lice
87. i've never had swine flu
88. i have a moshi monsters account
89. my hands r sweaty!
90. i've never licked my own tongue
91. my friend taught me how to make flip books
92. i dont have a Mac
93. my iPod is purple
94. the toes of my socks r blue
95. i'm not a vampire
96. im kind of phsycic... i get these weird feelings sometimes
97. over half my wardrobe is hand-me-downs probably
98. i love to recycle
99. i wear a retainer
100. a pair of my underpants has flowers on it!

Andi said...

Oh my gosh, your 100 things list is AWESOME! And I'm jealous that you have a purple iPod. Mine's boring black.

perladesunacha said...

play teacher

Anonymous said...

# 151.) Make up as many Chuck Norris things as you can.
i.e. When Chuck Norris jumps in a pool, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, the water gets Chuck Norrised.

Joyfulmom said...

I LOVE this list and can't wait to share it with my kids. So glad I googled " fun stuff to do with kids home sick" - got your list :) thx!

Andrew said...

this is cool i think that "DO NOT PRESS" is funny!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. i am 4'9
2. i am 87 lbs
3. i am 20
4. i am vegan
5. im not sure what my natural hair color is anymore
6. i love the venture brothers
7. i think this is the best bored list ive seen
8. i love the venture brothers
9. im not sure what my favorite color is
10. i have blue eyes
11. im eating noodles
12. im typing on my mac of my biggest fears is farting in public
14. ive gone a day without talking
15. im right handed but i can draw with both of my hands
16.i love animals
17.dinosaurs scare me
18. i love san fran
19. i live in mo
20. cats are my favorite animals
21. i retain useless information
22. i can tattoo
23. i have 2 cats
24. i have 1 dog
25. i have one fish
26. i wear contacts or glasses
27. im allergic to nickel
28. im allergic to latx
29. i cant drive very well
30. im not good at video games
31. i love soy icecream
32. i dare you to go vegan for a week
33. i make stop motion films sometimes
34. im going to school for animation
35. i play wow
36. i use to work at a haunted house
37. im broke right now
38. i still have one baby tooth
39. my feet are so small they dont carry my size in stores so my shoes are always to big.
40. i wear boots everyday
41. i save up and take a trip somewhere every year
42. my step dad is arabic
43. i speak a little french
44. i know a little arabic
45. i go to protests and ralleys
46. i vote 3rd party
47. i am spontaneous
48. im not very good at spelling
49. i have gone a whole day without speaking
50. i am an oil painter
51. i enjoy improv.
52. monty python and the quest for the holy grail is one of my favorite movies
53. i have not yet been to another country
54. i look up to gandhi
55. i love dan brown's novels
56. i normally stay up 4-6 a.m.
57. i sleep in frequently
58. i love waffle house coffee
59. my nickname is sodapop
60. i dont like my thumbs for some reason
61. i have 7 tattoos
62. i only have 3 piercings
63. i stopped eating meat when i was 6
64. i am extremely healthy
65. i like vegetable sushi
66. i need caffiene
67. i was a clown
68. i can make balloon animals
69. i can do magic tricks
70. i am a pacifist
71. i dont like confrontation
72. i watch adult swim
73. i need to take a shower
74. ditzy people annoy me
75. i donate clothes
76. i have one half brother
77. im having trouble thinking of stuff
78. i use to have a pet alligator
79. his name was steve irwin
80. i dont do laundry as often as i should
81. i still watch spongebob
82. i miss the cartoon angry beavors
83. i miss rocko's modern life
84. i grew up listening to van halen
85. the first concert i went to was van halen
86. i collect concert ticket stubs
87. i have a list of bands to see before i die
88. i am almost done with that list
89. i wish i would have been alive to see pink floyd
90. i have seen their tribute band
91. i love halloween
92. sometimes when im bored i have "thanksgiving dinner" which is me and my friends making lots of colorful food (with food coloring) and decorating by making hand turkeys then eating. (this is done no matter what time of year it is)
93. i use to wear a cat collar to school when i was little
94. something else i have done when i was bored was dress up as clowns with my friends go to walmart run around sing and dance, follow people, play with balls and etc.
95. i really want a hedgehog
96. sometimes i celebrate my cats birthdays for fun
97. i can stand up and put my hands completely flat on the ground
98. i like to listen to love line with dr.drew
99. i am almost done with this list
100. i am less bored

Andi said...

Fantastic list! I'm a Dan Brown fan too. And now I want to have a thanksgiving dinner with colorful food!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I tried the fried marbles, and it didn't work. Maybe I didn't fry them enough? Or the water wasn't cold enough? I need some advice! It looks so cool in the picture!

Andi said...

I'm not quite sure why it didn't work. When I did it I used a cast iron frying pan, but I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Then I made sure the marbles were really, really hot and the water was super cold. I used a big bucket full of cold water and ice and set it in my kitchen sink. Then I dumped the hot marbles directly from the frying pan into the ice water.

I hope this helps. And I hope it works out for you next time.

Anonymous said...

sont press the red button it was very long and it took up most my timee!!! if ur looking for something to do and stay up choose that !!! :)

Lorlor said...

this is great...check out my blog!


Keren said...

1 i like cookies
2 i have a laptop
3 i go to school
4 im at my aunts house
5 i like lolipops
6 i got kicked out of uil
7 :(
8 hi
9 i have 3 houses (its true!)
10 im wearing pants
11 there is maple syrup next to me
12 im a genius
13 because i know how to spell chocolate
14 i like pie
15 im an only child
16 i have a dog
17 i learned how to dance
18 i can count up to a 100
19 i have spongy hair
20 i have never worn a dress
21 my dad had a parrot
22 i have a dad
23 and a mom
24 i want an apple right now
25 im not 99 years old
26 i have two ds and a dsi a wii two gameboys
27 i know my abd's
28 a for apple b for bubbles d for Dell
29 c for cookie
30 when i grow up i will be a unicorn
31 i will wear an apron to bake cookies
32 i won't share with you
33 if you give me 13 cookies i will give you 1
34 im a girl
35 I ROCK!!
36 i'm cuckoo
37 im good at videogames
38 especially the mario type
39 im delicuious
40 FYI im not a delicious sock, im a rock
41 im bored
42 i was eating cookies
43 and chips
44 and a smore
45 i was baking a cake yesterday
46 i dropped and egg on the dog
47 im funky
48 hi
49 i like to eat rocks covered in chocolate
50 thats why im delicouis
51 im less bored
52 right now the time is 12:07
53 im in he mood for eating someone
54 im sorry, you never finished reading this list
55 because i just ate you
56 hi other weirdo! read what the weirdo didnt
57 i like cheese
58 im not girly
59 im stronger than most people
60 i ate grass once
61 it tasted like if someone went to the restroom
62 it was delicious
63 im a Christian
64 im dancing tomorrow
65 i will wear a dress
66 brb gtg to the restroom
67 *flush*
68 im back, wait
69 i forgot to wash my hands!
70 oh well i will wash them next month
71 i ate pie last week
72 it was good
73 did you know im bald
74 im reletives with the Tree Man
75 my bff is Kevin the unicorn
76 im super cool
77 im angry
78 because you didnt share that cookie with me.
79 lets sing JINGLE BELLS!
80 Jingles smell.....
81 i forgot the lyrics
82 i think it was JINGLES SMELL.... SO DO YOU??
83 from a million miles... away?
84 im awesome
85 heyyy!!!!!
86 this list isnt boring!
87 hey!!!!!!!
88 oh no!
89 you better not be leaving
90 oh no you didnt
91 hey hey!
92 dont shut me down!!!!!!
93 im not done yet!
94 DONT YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
95 I WASNT DO....n...
96 huh??
97 oh yeah
98 nah forget it
99 its 2:00, i stayed awake for too long!!!!!!
100 oh well, now i can dream about delicious chocolate unicorns......

Andi said...

LOL, now I'm going to dream about chocolate unicorns!

Kiana H. said...

This was so helpful i'll never be bored. Also if you want something to do read other blogs like.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea get a job and play sports

Anonymous said...

I loved this site so much! My favorite (and looks like others too) was THE BIG RED BUTTON!!!
Thanks for having such an awesome site! <3 ya!

rubyeyedblackcat said...

To narrative peace
I write few words because bad
Words outnumber good

Anonymous said...

I am doing some of these :) they are great x

Anonymous said...

i just drank 9 cups of water in one sitting and now i feel sick :( but i proved my mom wronge she thought i couldnt do it...but i did :)

Andi said...

Don't you hate that sloshy feeling in your stomach after you drink a bunch of water?

Anonymous said...

number 121 isn't very good for the environment. cause if the balloon pops somewhere like, the ocean, it will then harm the sea animals, etc.
That's way it is never good to release helium balloons, so dont let go of them people! lets be green, and help the environment, we want the next generation to live in a healthy beautiful world. other than that, i liked this list :)

Anonymous said...

1.) I have a reindeer on my bed. :o
2.) My bow is untied. :D
3.) I am wearing pants OVER my pants. >:3
4.) Spam is a meat, not an internet thing. xD
5.) I like saying peanut butter "pickles." :^)
6.) I just ate popcorn. o.e
7.) My chair is blue and fuzzy. o.O
8.) I have a dog named buttermouth.;o
9.) I watch poop flush down toilets.xP
10.) I randomly sing songs. TIK TOK ON THE CLOCK. see what i told you?! >:)
12.) I got whipped cream for christmas. :)))
13.) I think purses are overated. -_-
14.) A gay man named Amanda is my idol. xOOO
15.) I'm going to die my hair pink. <:D
16.) I just saw a blatter explode. :^$
17.) Napkins scare me. :B
18.) I gave a hobo markers once. o_-
19.) I get cheese for christmas. ;)
21.) theres a handicapped sign at the end of this thingy that i just saw. Dx

Andi said...

I have to disagree about purses -- they rock! I am however, intrigued by whipped cream and cheese as Christmas gifts. Both are AWESOME!

magic tricks to do said...

I like number 69 best - learn a magic trick :)

Anonymous said...

1. I'm wearing an obnoxiously large fake ruby ring my aunt gave me last year
2. I went to the library today.
3. I cleaned my room today
4. I like music.
5. I like books.
6. I just read Coraline.
7. I think Coraline is Amazing.
8. Normally I shop at Barnes & Noble.
9. I had Starbucks this morning.
10. I play piano.
11. I'm gonna be in a play.
12. I have a lot of favorite numbers.
13. I'm looking at a red pen.
14. I'm not looking at a red pen.
15. I think Sweeney Todd is pretty awesome.
16. I use the word "awesome" a lot
17. I want to write a book.
18. I want to go outside.
19. It's too cold outside.
20. My brother is making something out of paper.
21. My feet are always abnormally cold.
22. I got stitches taken out today.
23. Stitches don't hurt when they're taken out.
24. I was surprised that taking out the stitches didn't hurt.
25. My hands are cold.
26. I wear PJs a lot.
27. I'm wearing PJs right now.
28. I have headphones on.
29. I'm not listening to anything.
30. I accidentally cut myself with scissors at my grandma's house.
31. my blood is red.
32. I said "red" a lot.
33. My favorite color is either yellow or green or blue or red or pink
34. I like the song Yellow by Coldplay.
35. I got a fake cockroach on wheels for Christmas.
36. I painted it yellow and black.
37. My best friend is in Japan :(
38. I have two black headbands on my left wrist.
39. I also have a hot-pink rubber band on my wrist
40. I have a pencil mark on my had from two years ago in history class.
42. My desktop is TREES
43. I like Harry Potter.
44. I misplaced my cell phone.
45. I don't want to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakwel.
46. I don't want to see Blind Side.
47. I want to see Sherlock Holmes.
48. I saw Avatar.
49. Avatar is intense.
51. there appears to be a bent paper clip on the floor.

Andi said...

Awesome list!

- My feet are always abnormally warm
- I once had stitches that did hurt coming out because my skin healed over top of them. The next time I got stitches they were the dissolving kind (yay!)
- I'm not sure if I want to see Avatar, but Sherlock Holmes looks like it might be good

Good luck in the play!

Anonymous said...

52. I think I should finish my list.
53. I just ate spaghettios
54. My alarm clock has a built-in projector.
55. In one of my classes, all we really did for about a week was make oragami.
56. I'm not crazy about puzzles.
57. I think the Bassoon is a difficult instrument to play.
58. I think it would be awesome to be able to play electric guitar
59. The phone is ringing.
60. The Twilight Zone scares me.
61. Twilight Zone is awesome.
62. My dad thinks he discovered a parallel universe on his way to work.
63. My dad sometimes gets weird blue marks on his thumb.
64. He suspects it is a warning from the parallel universe.
65. My dad wants to build a boat.
66. My grandpa owns a kilt.
67. I like Italian cookies. A lot.
68. I met a munchkin from the wizard of Oz last year.
69. I'm serious.
70. We eat turkey for thanksgiving.
71. I actually like broccoli
72. Last year a cat hid under our car, so we had to wait for it to get out of our car.
73. I named it Stephanie.
74. I'm wondering where all those stray cats came from.
75. I'm running out of ideas.
76. I like to draw things.
77. My brother is watching Chowder... i think.
78. I used to be afraid of mirrors.
79. Once I went canoeing and a snake fell in my canoe.
80. I hope I spelled canoe right.
81. I have been in three spelling bees.
82. In fifth grade my teacher didn't put me in the spelling bee for some unknown reason.
83. If I ever get a golden retriever, I'm gonna name it Clark.
84. I like thesauruses.
85. Incontrovertible is a cool word.
85. I learned incontrovertible by watching the 5th Harry Potter movie.
86. There are two 85s
87. I probably won't finish in time.
88. I have Netflicks.

Anonymous said...

5 things about me
1. the posting by annonumus on november 10th 2009 at 3:07 pm #16 is exsacly like me go stuffed bunny(named when 2 when my little bro waz born)bunnys next b-day:july 29 2010 10 yearz
2. when people write in all capitols LIKE THIS i think it makes them look stupid
3.I have a trampoline,a tree house,a play fort, a wii,a72 in tv.,a shop and a acre yard go square footage
4. me and my best friend are inmature and nutzo.
(ask me how i know i'm nutzo)(if you just asked your nutzo!!!)teeheeeheee!
5.i lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove saying teeheeehheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andi said...

Wow! How do you even get a 72-inch TV into your house?

I wish I had a trampoline,a tree house and a play fort. The only one I have is a Wii.

Alana said...

My little sister begged me to post her 100 word story so here it is:

Flopsy the cat went out to play one day. He decided to go for a walk in the park. When he arrived at the park he found that it was deserted. Not a creature was in sight. He thought to himself, “What fun is it playing if you’ve got nobody to play with?” He sadly left the park. He decided to take a shortcut through an ally. He was halfway through when he heard a low growling noise. Flopsy turned around and saw a large dog behind him. He ran home and decided to go to the park another day.

Angie said...

"Don't press the big red button" I pressed it! It was funny! :)

Anonymous said...

100 things about me:

1.i am human
2.i kno spanish
3.ive got a dsi
4.i dont kno where it is
5.i am wearing converse kicks
6.they are black,white, and gray
7.i am not sure whether gray is spelled gray or grey drinking a dr pepper
8.i like dr pepper
10.i switched 9 and 8 probably wouldnt have realized it unless i had said it.
12.i have to wear uniform to school :(
13.i am 13
14.i rode my first roller coaster this summer
15.i am semi-scared of heights
16.i just ate mcdonalds
17.i think Doug is a weird name friend is a facebook addict
19.she says she isnt
20.i say she is
21.i think you can find anything on google (including this list)
22.theres a mouse in my room
23.i named it spongebob
25.ive never been on a train
24.Family guy is an amazing show. you didnt notice i switched up the numbers again.
27.i think would be awesome if the world were made up of marshmallows house is haunted
29.i am not as bored as i was
30.i have 70 more things to write.
31.i have touched a sheep brain was gross
33.i am on winter break.
34.i am bored again

Andi said...

Alana, Please tell your little sister thank you from me. The story of Flopsy the cat is wonderful!

Anonymous, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your list (and a little freaked out that you've touched a sheep brain).

Anonymous said...

For numbers 38 and 39 there is a great website called it's amazing and so much fun. great for beginner story tellers:]you just make a free account and work with artist on the site to create your very own story.

Andi said...

Storybird is fantastic! Thanks for letting us know about it.

lolly said...

That big red button thing is funny, stupid and crazy at the same time. My BFF sat there 4 an hour and a half doing it and it only took me 10 minutes! cool!

Anonymous said...

100 Random Things About Me

1. I'm wearing short sleaves
2. It's 31 degrees F outside
3. I'm tracked out
4. I'm not a good speller
5. I love pickles
6. I love saying pickles!! Pickles Pickles
7. I can't stop thinking about purple gorillas
8. My shirt is yellow
9. I haven't brushed my hair today
10. I've lived on 2 different continents
11. Nonone ever prononces my middle or last name right
12. I had a dream I was bald
13. My cat keeps sitting on the keyboard
14. I've never been to Antartica
15. My house is white
16. My hair is brown
17. My eyes are blue
18. I pressed the red botton
19. I like chocolate
20. I visited Michagan for Christmas this year
21. I have a wii
22. I got a new bed yesterday
23. I have a little brother
24. My little brother is in school
25. It was sussposed to snow today
26. It didn't snow
27. I had hot chocolate today
28. I've watched someone eat a flying ant
29. I hate raisins
30. I love macaroni and cheese
31. I have a HP mini
32. My front yard has no grass
33. My friend got a dog Monday
34. I like soccer
35. I cant't do a cartwheel
36. I am tall
37. I've been to London
38. I like rollercoasters]
39. I lost a tooth on New Years Eve
40. I'm barefoot
41. My hair is straight
42. My science teacher is on maternity leave
43. We've had 6 different science subs
44. I love chocolate
45. I had a barrito for dinner yesterday
46. I got charged by an elephant
47. I lived
48. I like whales
49. I'm almost halfway through
50. I'm halfway through]
51. I've seen the White House
52. My room is purple
53. My house has two floors
54. I like pizza
55. I want to see the Blindside
56. I don't like riding horses
57. I've always wanted to ride a dolphin
58. I've had to get stitches
59. I fell frow a swing and was knocked out
60. I've never brocken a bone
61. I haven't gotten the swine flu
62. I wish I lived near the beach\
63. qwertyuiop
64. My couch is tan
65. I like lime green
66. I want to visit Hawaii
67. I don't need glasses
68. My ipod is lime green
69. My cat finally left
70. I've driven a moter boat
71. I've driven a sail boat
72. I've swam in 3 different oceans
73. The room I'm in is blue
74. I woke up at 9:36 today
75. I like Indian food
76. I wear size 6 and a half shoe
77. I once had a bowling birthday
78. Our gacuzzi leaks onto the dinning room table
79. I started on a time capsule today
80. I type sorta fast
81. I dindn't finish my breakfast
82. I haven't eaten lunch
83. I'm hungary
84. One night the top bunk fell on me
85. I'm wearing jeans
86. I like Disney world
87. I like chocolate
88. Last night I couldn't fall asleep
89. I went to my friend's house yesterday
90. I'm almost finished
91. I tryed the red botton thing
92. I x-ed it out after a while
93. I like smothies
94. I've never seen a penguin
95. I hate anchoves on pizza
96. I like ranch dressing
97. I like to read
98. I like to watch movies
99. I have a red bike
100. I'm DONE and I'm not as board!!!!

Andi said...

Cool, I have a red bike too! And I don't like riding horses either, but I'm not sure I'd like to try riding a dolphin. :o)

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever tried to do EVERY THING on that list? It would be an impressive feat.

Anonymous said...

i love this site my favorite is the BIG RED BUTTON i am sending it to my family

Anonymous said... good at spelling
2.i have glasses
3.i have a dog
4.i like curries

Andi said...

I don't have any pets. :o(
But I do wear glasses and I'm good at spelling too!

Anonymous said...

6.this site is fun
7.i just had lunch
8.i forgot what i had for lunch
9.i tried the big red button-its awesome
10.10 is my lucky number
11.i have big feet
12.i have 2 sisters
13.there annoying
14.i have a twin sister
15.i have a DS
16.i collect gems
17.i have 50
18. i cant think of anything
19.i have done everything on this list going to stop writing now

Anonymous said...

that red button is amazing i kept pressing it for 30 minutes straight oh i was definatly not bored that red button AMAZING

Danny said...

Awesome list

100 random things about me:
1. I like chicken
2. My favorite color is red
3. I have bad spelling
4. Spell check is awesome
5. I live in an island
6. I want to do something important with my life
7. or at least do something big
8. I don't know what it is tho
9. I'm studying computer science atm
10. I like computers
11. I'm rather bored right now
12. There is actually no power right now
13. Laptops are win
14. I have 2 cats
15. I love cats
16. My favorite food is...
17. Well idk I like a ton of different kinds
18. I can eat just about anything, I'm not picky
19. The island i live in is Puerto Rico
20. That means i speak spanish
21. tho i find english to be easier to spell with, I'm bad at grammar x2
22. I'm worse at grammar in spanish tho, it has more rules
23. I have a mom
24. I'm rather shy, at least until I get to know you
25. My mom bought a Wii for herself, which I took so I could hack it
26. I love it only because i can hack it :P
27. I want to move out
28. I love dreaming
29. I haven't had a dream for a long time :(
30. My mom says I should be a psychologist
31. I say she's crazy; I'm too shy to do that
32. I wish I had more creativity sometimes
33. I love video games, sometimes too much
34. I play too much wow
35. I actually decided to quit so I can concentrate on my studies
36. I failed my first semester in college :(
37. but I did matriculate myself again, I'm not going to be a quitter
38. I'm not a quitter, but I know when to give up harmful things
39. I start classes in 1 week, I'm exited this time
40. Last semester I wasn't
41. I'm exited because it's a challenge to not fail
42. I love a good challenge
43. Everyone expects me to do good tho :(
44. I'm rather smart, high expectations
45. I'm an only child
46. Tho I joke with my mom she has another child called Junito
47. I'm a boy
48. I'm 18 years old
49. When it was my 18th birthday I expected it to be way more awesome
50. or at least feel more awesome, you know being old and such

Had to cut my list in half :( character limit

Danny said...

51. Sometimes I don't feel big, I know I'm not nor will I ever be
52. Well if you compare yourself with the universe you're a newborn :D no matter what age
53. So that means you can never be too old
54. At least I hope that holds me through my midlife crisis when I have it
55. My parents always told me that when I spoke I put my foot in my mouth, when I was little
56. So now I speak less or at least more meticulously
57. I miss being as spontaneous as I was
58. but it brought me too many problems
59. I enjoy problems sometimes, they're necessary
60. I wish I could be a philosopher and just think
61. You can't be tho, at least not as a profession
62. It doesn't pay very well to do nothing
63. I like thinking about things, it's so interesting
64. Things like God
65. I'm a Deist or at least I think I am
66. I don't like some of the things related to being a Deist or well sort of do
67. I was raised Christian
68. I think that is why I still believe in God
69. I like this number :D
70. Power finally came back... 3 hours after
71. My laptop ran out of battery while i was writing #68
72. I made a puzzle while there was no light, a 500 piece one
73. I like the numbers 5, 15, 7 and 35
74. I need a haircut right now
75. It's 12:24 am right now
76. So that means it took me a whole day to write this :P
77. I have glasses
78. I can do the red button in less than a minute
79. tho I did that after reading it all
80. I like reading, but not novels. Science stuff the most, like journals
81. I want one of those 7x7x7 v cubes
82. I skipped #5
83. I know how to play chess
84. I was joking on #82, but I Made you look anyways
85. I can solve a rubik's cube, but thats rather easy
86. 2 walls in my room are painted red
87. I'm really skinny, 120 pounds
88. I'm 5'4"
89. I'm running out of Ideas
90. I've enjoyed writing this list
91. I have a mac :D <3 mac 
92. If you can't see the apple above and only see a blank square is because you don't have os x
93. I've never seen a final destination movie, nor would I want to. Dislike the idea, seems so fake
94. I want to write a list of things I want to do before I die
95. I'm watching a TV show about Parkour looks awesome, so want to try it
96. I'm not good at sports, but I'm good at video games
97. It is 1:31 AM and i ran out of things to write or well took a break
98. I've touched a penguin
99. I enjoyed your bored list
100. I've tried a few of them, like the message in a bottle and I'm done!

Andi said...

Wow, Danny, you really should be a philosopher. Your list is amazing!

I wish I could speak Spanish. I know a little bit of high school French and I tried to learn Norwegian once (it's really hard!).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I said that about chocolate unicorns, which reminds me, I can't wait for easter, and eat an oversized chocolate bunny...brb I need to eat something real quick...
that bunny was delicious (uh oh, im discovered!)
anyways, did you know i feel awesome today?
wait, not feel awesome, it's that i AM AWESOME, well more awesome than you anyways.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say something, do you guys want to know where the white button is???
1st of all, i need a ccokie to give me energy to tell you, besides, im hungry.
Yeah, hand it over, GOOD WEIRDO!
Ok, 1st go to the part where the button doesnt talk, click and then, go to the LEFT TOP CORNER, and it will tell you THE PAGE HAS EXPIRED BLAH BLAH BLAH... it used to have a real webpage, but they took it off or something. I'm the one who wrote about chocolate unicorns...

chop said...

well ive already broken a world record but i want to brake another i broke most people doing the wheel barrow

Anonymous said...

Can i use this site for like examples of things to do cuz i have like this homework thing where i have to put things to kill time

Andi said...

Like sure.

Anonymous said...

Wich one shall i do first.....

Anonymous said...

1. my names michaela
2. my parents thought i was going to be a boy, and they were gonna name me michael. then when i was a girl, they added an a to the end :]
3. my favorite color is bluee.
4. i have a laptop
5. i have a sister
6. my hermit's crab name is monster
7. i like the patirots
8. i like the red sox
8. my favorite book is the clique series/twilight saga
9. my dogs name is oreo
10.this list is very entertaining
11.i like to read
12. i have a new eye color everyday
13. i want purple lowlights.
14. dear john is going to be amazing!
15. i read dear john
16. the last song is going to be awesome
17. i read the last song
18. i liked taylor swift BEFORE she was popular
19. i like glitter eyeliner
20. im addicted to facebook
21. this list kept me entertained for 5 hours and 34 minutes.
22. i made up the minutes part ^^
23.i <3 make it or break it
24. miley cyrus is cool.
25. i like blink 182 and sum 41 for no reason
26. i highly enjoy lemonade
27. coloring books are fun
28. im easily entertained
29. im a straight A student
30. my town is 7 square miles
31. my favorite season is summer
32. iay peaksay igpay atinlay
33. michaela parle francais
34. im eating a grilled cheese
35. my favorite board game is monopoly
36. im a cheerleader
37. i was in a play in second grade
38. that play was cinderella
39. i played the evil stepmother
40. PIZZA <3
42. # 41 wasnt meant to be in caps, but i was too lazy to erase it.
43. i like law and order SVU
44. im a hopeless romantic
45. id be very embarrassed if my friends read this
46. im a very good lier
47. my laptop has 11% remaining
48. thats 19 minutes
49. my shirt is gray
51. my hobby is nothing.
52. hello motherf****r. hey, hi, how ya doin.
53. thats a song^^
55. i used to lve in california
56. i ran into a soccer goal post. at field hockey practice.
57. i have 3 animal bracelets
58. a bunny
59. a heart
60. a turtle
61. my name doesnt rhyme with anything
62. you pronounce my name mi-kay-luh
64. JK
65. justin bieber <3
66. i never liked the jonas brothers
67. i think its gross kevins married and isnt a virgin anymore
68. zanessa= the next bradgelina
69. this number makes me giggle.
70. i have brown hair
71. i realized no one is going to read this
72. i created a group on fb
73. starbucks <3
74. j'adore granola bars
75. i have a voyager
76. im eating a coughdrop, and i dont have a cough!
78. im a bada** ^^^
78. im a teen.
79. my laptop died. so i plugged it in
80. i said 78 twice! :O
81. now im going to have a list of 101 things
82. jello makes my tummy hurt
83. uggs are stupid
84. baby-justin bieber <33
85. in case you wanted to know, the jets are losing 27-17 to the colts
86. mark sanchez is HOTT.
87. if you switched these two numbers, id have 78 THREE TIMES.
88. my daddy thinks the jets are gonna lose
89. there is 5 minutes && 47 seconds left in the game
90. my sister is sickk.
91. i have a trampoline
92. its dark out
93. i hate winter
94. my boyfriend plays the guitar/piano.
95. well hes my boyfriend in my mind ;]
96. matt is a hott model just texted me
97. my earphones are green
98. im christian
99. i sit at table 5 at lunch
that took forever.

Andi said...

*grin* We have a lot in common. I never liked the jonas brothers, I like blink 182, my favorite color is blue, and before my daughter was born I thought she was going to be a boy!

Oh yeah, and I don't know if #63 is for me ... but I am.

Anonymous said...

1. you are reading this comment

3.i like turtles

4. i just skipped #2

5. now you are checking

Anonymous said...

1)i live in the uk
2)i sent this list to my friend
3)my fire is on
4)im in year six or the sixth grade
5)I have loads of animals
6) a dog called millie
7) and a dog called lady
8) I hate it when people do I like i (i no ive done it)
9)my mum has 3 tifany lamps
10) i just had a domino's pizza
11) ive got school tomorrow
12)ive wrote a story using only 100 words
13) thirteen is my lucky number
14)i just ate a kit-kat
15)my fave colour is purple
16)i like japaneese stuff
17)my fave gem is sapphire
18)sapphire is my birthstone
19)i like ludybugs
20)my bday is 13/9
21)i have wo cats, benson and belle
22)i have 13 guinea pigs
23) one of my guinea pig had 4 babies
24) i have 2 rabbits
25)i have a dwarf hamster jacob ( quater of the way)
26) jacob has never bit me
27) jacob had to be moved to a diffrent room because my cat was keeping me up by scratching the cage
28)that was a long answer
29)this is taking a long time
30) ive been too the zoo
31)there was a baby elephant
32)i have a laptop
33) if i cant think i just say penguin
34)i hate apples
35) my fave meal is corn beef hash
36) i wear glassers
37) i cant spell glassers
38) i may do one of these things on the list
39) my fiends dog is called murphy
40)ive never watched star wars
41)i have long nails
42) i like cold pizza
43)i went ice skating yesteray
44) i didnt fall over
45) i nearly did
46)my cat ben son is ginger
47) belle is a tortouise shell cat
48) 98% of tortoise cats are female
49) belle is female
50) 80% of ginger cats are male ( halfway)
51) benson is female
52) we thought benson was a boy
53)i have a pig torch
54)my hair is blonde
55)i like tea
56)lady is a yorkshire terrier
57) millie is a cocker spainel
58)lady had 2 pups maddie and hector
59) they went last weekend
60) im doing gymnastics in p.e
61) im also doing netball
62) i like roses
63) my brother is called robbie
64) my sister is called amy
65)i have 31 cuzions
66) mainly on my dads side
67) i have only 3 on my mums side
68) there named ellen lizzie and molly
69)ellen is 5weeks younger then me
70) but way taller then me
71) im bored
72)i like 50s songs
73) my fave is around the clock rock
74) im going to start figur skating
75)i had to have my tonsils out
76) i used to live on a raf base
77) i moving back their
78)my best friends are anna and ieuan
79)ieuan is welsh for ieon
80) ieuan is his middle name
81) his first name is matthew
82)my bedding has roses on
83) i have eeyore slippers
84)my sofa is huge
85) nearly done
86) i have a laptop
87) its black
88)my dads australlian
89) he owns a motor bike
90) i love motorbikes and cars
91) i only tried the big red button today
92) i was seard incase something jumped out at me
93) i like cookies
94) i like watching animal programs
95) my first pet was a bordercollie dog named barnie
96) i like the evian babies
97) i hate p.e
98) i like english and art
99) i hate mathes
100 im done

Andi said...

I've never seen Eeyore slippers, but I think they would be soooo cool! And I'm jealous that you have so many guinea pigs -- I've always wanted a guinea pig!

Anonymous said...

thank you i do like my eeyore slippers and my ginea igs

janae nae nae said...

100 things about me!!
1. i m a girl
2. purple grollias are awsome
3.i wander if they exsited
4. im really bored
5. im 11 years old
6. i cant spell good
6. did u notice i put 2 6's
7. i have to wear a uniform for school :(
8. my dog liks CHEESE
10. i also lik TACOS HAHA
11. im hungry :/
12. i live in Phillya
13. im white (im not racist)
14. i like chocolate
15. but not the foren kind
16 i always wanted to go to Hawii
16 i think i spelled hawii rong
17. i did 2 16's now
18. i woke up a 7:00 am today
19. i hade school
20. but it was half day!!
21 so i got out at 11:30
22. today is friday!!
23.mi mom is divorced with me dad
24. he got remarried in october
25 i guess she o.k.
26. im a twin
27. were identacil
28. i think i spelled that rong
29. shes a girl to
30. im in 5th grade
31 i was late lik 4 times from my twin
32. she likes this kid named timmy
34 hehe : )
35. its gonna snow tonight
36. and tomarrow
37. we are only getting 12 inches
38 wayy lower then 27
39. in december we got snow
40. on christmas week
41. my CRAZY grandmom had to stay with us
42. shes my moms mom
43. i live with my mom
44. she ruined my X-MAS
45 :(
46. but its o.k. now she left
47. yayayayay!!
48. im in my basement
49. i am almost half throw
51. .....
52. i have a nephew
53. my dad has 6 kids
54 i no its werid
55. i live with my twin shes 11
56. and my older sis shes 16
57. my little brother is 1
58. he lives with my dad
59 and my little sister
60. she is 5
61. she is a spoiled brat!
62 haha!
63. .....
64. she is annoying
65. i have a stepmom
66. i almost forgot..
67. my older brother
68. hes 26
69. he going to be a laywer
70. im in my basement
71. im a hostage
72. hahaha jkjk
73. .....
74. i hate homework
75. i like the color
76. blue, gold, and silver, teal
77. my dogs breath smells!
78. shes a girl
79. i always wanted to go to italy
80. my dad and his new family
81. went to disney with out us!!
82. i think thats a little selfish
83. ughh!
84. i have bean to new york
85. and gorgia
86 and more but i forget
87 i only swam in one ocean
88. it was the
89. atlanic one
90. only 9 more to go!!
91 i have 2 computers
92. i like spongebob
93. hes YELLOW!!
94.i wish i could live with spongebob
95. im right handed
96. i like food
97 im skinny as a stick
98 ppl always splee my name rong!
99. i think thats rude

Andi said...

janae nae nae,

1. Now I'm wondering if purple gorillas exist!
2. I agree with you, it is rude when people spell your name wrong. It happens to me a lot!

Anonymous said...

wow. just reading those comments kept me entertained for a bit. thanks for the lists!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good. I don't know what to choose! Haha! Good job though!

Anonymous said...

#93 try to fly a kite thats tied to the back of your bike isn't a good idea i tried it and fell off

Alex Piechowski said...

Hey, this site is really good.

Some more extensive ideas are on

Nicole said...

i love the big red button its awsome and annoying

Anonymous said...

I peronally didn't think this website had very many good ideas. They were all too difficult!!! They should have thought of some ideas that were more simple. There was a couple ideas I did like like movie marathon and banana pops and lemonade stand and walking dogs. But I just wish they were easier and more simple.

Anonymous said...

R@ndom facts about Meeeh!

1) I wish I had a Ferret named bandet
2) I like reading about other peoples boredum when I'm bored
3) I want to learn how to be a master kazooist
4) I often make up words without knowing it
5) I really want to be an artist or author or maybe a scientist
6) Crack heads scare me
7) I love noodles and anything to do with them
6) I love adult swim but still watch spongebob and charlie and lola
7) I love eating and reading and watching t.v and watching amusing youtube videos all at the SAME time!
8) I like the twilight books but hate the movies with a passion
9) I once ate dog food on a dare
10) I like to rock out with my cock out on rock band!
11) I'm a chick
12) the word banana amuses me
13) the word fuck also amuses me
14) When I was little I often sung mairlyn mansion songs and rage against the machine songs at the top of my lungs (My sisters were bad influneces he he he)
15) I like both of those bands still
16) I used to love straberry short cake
17) I used to collect frogs at night and trap them in my bathtub, some times I had a good 30 hopping around! (Can you imagine my mom & dad's reaction?!)
18) I am not 30
19) I used to be openly obsessed with inyuyasha
20) I love all colors
21) I miss my sister...
22) Once, when I was younge, I belived I could fly if I tried really hard and concentrated even harder
23) My name is Rachel
24) My eldest sister wanted me to be named Rebecca
25) once I made a short story about cat who want to "ruff" like a dog
26) I love steak
27) I tried to be a vegitarian once........ lets just say it didnt last long and I now still have extra respect for succersful vegitarians
28) I feel alittle amused at the moment
29) I used to think babys came out of your mouth......
30) I hate the number 5 for some reason
31) When I was 5 I used to tell everyone I was 4 becuase I dispised the number even then
32) Sometimes I dream about daydreaming
33) I also daydream about dreaming....
34) I like reading into astrology
35) Im a pisces
36) My mom was a hippie and still is by many standerds
37) Im so bored yet theirs a bad ass ps3 sitting in front of me with a bunch of games
38) I wish I had telkinesis
39) Everytime I try to make a bucket list I get fustrated and wind up just putting "everything" as one
40) I like...... girls.......
41) I sometimes think im obsessed with chicken
42) I have a guitar
43) I dont like pizza
44) When it comes to french fries the greaseir the better
45) I like drawing fantasy worlds
46) One of my many nicknames is rakuel
47) My name in spanish is Raquel
48) My mom named all my brothers and sisters out of the bible
49) I am not a bible freak
50) I like lizards
51) Dispite my gender I love all bug and rat creatures
52) I absolutly love games and gamers
53) One of my wishes is to be a game designer
54) I often randomly laugh
55) I am 16
56) When I was 12 I moved out of my parents house
57) My dad is a bad person
58) on a lighter note I love to sing even though I'm not so well
59) I think im literaly obsessed with music
60) I love all types of music just not much country
61) I like stopping what im doing and start back randomly
62) like when I'm walking in front of people
63) I'm done with this list and I also love chocolate
P.S. I don't know what P.S. stands for....

Andi said...

Marilyn Manson and Strawberry Shortcake in the same list? I think my head might explode! =D

Anonymous said...

1 I'm a girl
2 I love English
3 The computer I'm on right now isn't my own
4 I have a boyfriend
5 His name is Jacob
6 The homework I've had three days to do and haven't done is due tomorrow
7 I'm 17
8 I listen to metal
9 But you wouldn't know it if you looked at me
10 I have a pet hamster
11 Her name is Candy
12 I think I type fast
13 I'm already running out of things to say
14 I was born in Texas
15 But I've lived in Florida for the past 12 years
16 I think I like Florida more than Texas
17 I consider Florida my "home state"
18 I'm Mexican
19 But you wouldn't know it if you looked at me
20 I like being on the computer
21 Jacob is the only boyfriend I've ever had
22 I'm in love
23 I play video games
24 But you wouldn't know it if you looked at me
25 I don't like racists
26 But I love to watch South Park
27 I don't like when people burp, although I know it's natural
28 I want to be a vet when I'm older
29 But I probably won't go through 8 years of college
30 I think I'll be a stay at home mom
31 I want 4 kids
32 But I'll be blessed to have 1
33 I'm 5'10'' tall
34 I weigh 93 lbs
35 A lot of people think I'm anorexic
36 I'm not
37 I like reading, a lot
38 I like when people talk to me like they're from medieval times
39 I love watching comedy movies
40 I will only watch a horror movie if someone is with me
41 Asylums freak me out
42 I have a ton of flaws
43 But I'm okay with them
44 I open the fridge to check if we have food although I just checked 3 minutes ago
45 I think I'll cut this list to 50
46 I have a bracelet that I really like on
47 And the necklace Jacob gave me for Valentine's day
48 I'll probably actually go to 100
49 I love Final Fantasy
50 I'm not exceptionally good at anything
51 I think I'm nice
52 And very emotional
53 I don't like adult websites
54 I think they should be illegal
55 I haven't read the whole Bible
56 I want to, though
57 I'm in AP English
58 I'm terrible at math
59 I love animals, I think my favorite one is a cat
60 I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters
61 I love my family
62 I don't like that my mom doesn't think I can finish my dinner, though I always do
63 Rude people really annoy me
64 I think I'll be a good mom
65 I bite my nails
66 I can't sing or play any instrument but I like listening to music
67 I play RuneScape
68 I don't know why I'm not on there now
69 I can't wait to graduate high school
70 I'm not like many of my friends
71 When I was little, my favorite color was clear because I didn't want to hurt the other color's feelings
72 Now it's blue
73 I love taking showers
74 I like to read people's journals
75 But I would never do it without asking
76 I don't have one, myself
77 But I'd hate if I did and someone read it without asking
78 I've never seen snow
79 I love the heat
80 My hair is really long
81 I've had lice in it before and it was awful to get rid of
82 Candy is my life
83 Not really, but I do like it
84 This is number 84
85 I didn't think this would be so easy to make
86 I'm telling lots of things about myself to strangers
87 It's exciting
88 My favorite holiday is Christmas
89 Not because of the presents, which I rarely get anyway
90 But because it's usually a very happy time
91 I've never been heartbroken
92 I don't ever want to be
93 This was really fun
94 I'm a junior in high school
95 Now you know 95 things about me
96 I'm a Virgo
97 The word that popped into your mind, I'm also that
98 I'm a Christian
99 I've never tried a drug or alcohol
100 I cuss a lot(it's just habit) but I can control it when I'm on the computer
If you wanna chat with me, you can add my msn:
I'd love to talk with you.

Andi said...

Great list! A friend of mine from Florida had never seen snow till he came to visit me in Calgary. He thought it was pretty cool. I thought he was nuts. =D

Lexi said...

it won't let me post my list... >:P It's too long... Well I'll post it 50/50 eh?

Lexi said...

1. My name is Lexi.
2. Monday was president's day.
3. I'm not in school right now.
4. I didn't skip, but we had snow..
5. Lately we've been going to school about 4-3 days each week.
6. It's the snows fault.
7. I get Elton John and John Lennon mixed up.
8. I'm supposed to be reading To Kill A Mockingbird right now for English.
9. I have curly hair and bangs that are bangin.
10. I'm listening to music.
11. I was supposed to be sledding.
12. There is many things I probably should be doing.
13. I'm lazy, guess you assumed that.
14. I feel kinda stupid for doing this.
15. It's highly entertaining though.
16. Some of these aren't about me, but I like it.
17. Taylor Swift's lucky # is 13. Mine is 4.
18. Someone told me I have vampire eyes once.
19. I DO NOT like Twilight.
20. I like to take my anger out on people by
drawing them in ridiculous places and stuff.
21. I recently learned how to spell ridiculous.
22. I've never had a Valentine.
23. I went snowboarding this year for Valentine's Day instead.
24. I'm not too shabby for a beginner.
25. My room is green.
26. I'm exactly 5'4 and a half.
27. I take the half seriously.
28. I'm only 14 and all of my friends make fun of me for it.
29. Mostly because I'm a freshmen.
30. I want to kill one of my ex boyfriends.
31. Just one, surprising.
32. I have softball this whole Spring Break week this year.
33. I play softball for my high school team.
34. There is a concert I want to go to during Spring Break.
35. Pretty sure the concert will miss me so I'll go to it instead.
36. I consider things like that to make me a rebel.
37. I'm pretty much a stage 5 pansy.
38. I creep on myspace when I'm bored.
39. I like chocolate a lot.
40. On my 21st birthday I'm going to Club Karma and getting wasted, fist pumping, and finding and hot juice head.
41. I think there should be a GTL every where.
42. Gym Tan Laundry.
43. All because of the Jersey Shore, I was addicted.
44. I like to make jokes about Jews & Blacks.
45. I think I might be actually racist against blacks though.
46. The ones at my school are rude.
47. Unicorns make me laugh.
48. I love youtube.
49. I want my own channel.
50. I want people to wear shirts with my face on them.

Lexi said...

51. I used to be obsessed with the Jonas Brothers.
52. I had toaster strudels this morning.
53. I suck balls at MW2.
54. My folder broke, I got a new one.
55. It broke too.
56. My left foot is starting to fall asleep.
57. My friends hand fell asleep. When we woke up I hit her in the face with it.
58. I want to have a lucid dream.
59. I like ginger boys.
60. Piercings are really attractive.
61. I sound like a 10 yr old boy, I think.
62. Little things amuse me sometimes.
63. I want to live in California.
64. I live in Indiana, it isn't exactly fun.
65. I stole my friends tee shirt.
66. I don't match.
67. I have on slippers with no socks.
68. I have my own laptop.
69. Along with a janky netbook my school gave me and each and every dumb ass at the school one.
70. I dropped mine, something came out but it still works.
71. I act like a guy sometimes.
72. I like old movies.
73. I think Sperries are over rated.Everyone has them, and half of them probably don't have a boat. They're boat shoes.
74. I say dood every day to anything and even my teachers. Yes I spell it like that. I get a kick out of it because it spells poop upside down. Bet you didn't know that.
75. David Bowie is cool.
76. In art class I put my name on the seating chart as Alexis Texas.
77. It makes me feel like Hannah Montana.
78. I'm a terrible singer.
79. I want to be an actress or photographer.
80. I also want to do something with graphic designing.
81. Me and my friend are making a bucket list.
82. I watch The Buried Life & My Life As Liz every Monday.
83. I get a new cell phone in March.
84. I live in a home daycare. FML.
85. I wear one contact not two.
86. My birthday is on the last day in May, so I don't get excited when it's May because I have a while to wait.
87. My birthdays always suck.
88. I want my tongue pierced not for sexual purposes though.
89. I still laugh at the number 69.
90. I become a fan of a lot of stuff on Facebook.
91. I'm really funny in person.
92. British accents are yummy.
93. My mom smokes weed, I wonder if she'd be mad if I did..
94. Adding "in the pants" to things makes me laugh even when it doesn't make sense.
95. I was born in the year 95.
96. My vocabulary isn't that wide.
97. I grew into my mouth this year.
98. The other day I noticed along with my hips being big one is bigger than the other. Fuck.
99. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
100. makes me have gigglegasms.

I really just sat here and did this. Welp. With love, care, and a little bit more to love,<333Lexi. I like to say Lexaaaay! Gives it some pizaaaz.


Andi said...

Thanks for sharing, Lexi! I think Lexi is a beautiful name (and I also DO NOT like Twilight).

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the list. I tried out the making a 100 word story one and here it is:

I stare at my reflection in the water. My face is livid, my eye's bloodshot matching the bags underneath, my hair is dishevelled and my lips are badly chapped. If horror had a face, this would be it.

The pungent stench of bleach surrounds me; a toxic gas slowly suffocating me. I'm encompassed by the same naked white, there's no patterns, no posters, no colours, just the blinding white, smothering me. Nothing to distract me.

If only we hadn't gone out. If only you had looked. If only only you weren't in the emergency room, lying unconscious.

Andi said...

Wow, I'm amazed at how you can convey so much with so few words. Well done!

Karen said...

heres my list! ^^

1. i dont know what im doing
2. im chatting with a stranger on facebook
3. I called him stalker ^^
4. Im addicted to K-pop and anything korean
5. i'm AZN!! :D
6. im bored favorite no is 3,7,11,13,and 27
8.My crush is 'batman' or JeJomar
9.I hope he dosent see this >.<
10. im fLUFFY! always warm and people think i have a fever
12. i hate having period
13. im christian
14.i believe in fairies
15. i love VAMPIREs
16. theres a ghost in my house name is
18.i tend to daydream alot
19. people think im snobbish
20. im just shy
21. im unique
22.i live in a big house with my mom
23. i go to a private school
24.i love da internet!!'
25.i love soccer
26.i love chocolate
27. im still bored
28. i just cut my nails
29. i want to travel the world when i grow up
30. i believe in karma
31.i'm a bookworm
32. i 'tried' writing stories...but usually i never contunie i just keep them in my mind
33. i love arts
34. i love music!
35. i know hot to play the flute and guitar
36. people say i walk like a model
37. i hate people slow walkers!!!
38.i love fashion
39. sometimes i draw clothes
40. im very artistic
41. im a good actor..;P
42.i hate being in crowded areas

...i'll continue later...^^........

Anonymous said...

100 things about muahh

1. this is gunna be boring
2. i <3 green
3. tht is neon
4.i hate my brother
6. i luv the jearsey shore
7. im gunna marry a guido really boed
9. i just went on a skiing trip
10. it was FREEZINGG
11. grrrrr
12. rawrr means i luv u in dinosaur
13.iluved kindergten
14. it was soo easyy all u did was nap
15. im driking straberry kiwi snapple
16. and im eatin a bagel
17. i cant pronounce agel
18. im 11
19. i <333 musicc
20. im a girl
21. brb
22. i had to take a poo
23. i luv shane dawson
23. my nickname is shanaynay
24. im tiard
24. i like to sleep
24. zZzZzZzZzZz
25. i said 24 3 times
26. i bet u just checked
26. i have i silver ipod
27. i said 26 2 times
30. i jst skipped 28 and 29
31 this is really annoying
32 i hate tht ppl ubsess over twilight
33. i HATE justin beiber
34. he sounds like a GIRL
25. idk if i said this but im a girl
26. i loveto go on aim
27. and oovoo
28. im not a staker
29 im in pjs
30. my pants have hearts shirt has army patterns
32. did u relise i went back in numbers
33. cuz i dnt
44. im back at my place
i luv to spent moneyy
at the mall
im not witing the numbers
49. now i am
50. half wayy
51.i have to do a skool project
52. im going to my friends house at 3
99. i just skipped ALOT
100. too bad im done

Anonymous said...

100 word story:
Once upon a time there was a man. He ate spaghetti. He ate spaghetti so much that he ate it for every meal. He didn’t even like it. Truthfully, he wished that it didn’t even exist. But a long time ago, he had won a million dollars and a lifetime supply of spaghetti. Since he had already gotten a lifetime supply of spaghetti, he hated to spend his money on other food. So he never did spend any more money on other food. And that is why he eats spaghetti all the time for all of his meals. The end.

Anonymous said...

im hott and still bored i love justin bieber and the freakin only thing that amused me was the buttin r u serious who did this website marths stewart geeezus crust peace.

Bridget said...

Hey. My eyes hurt because the font is too small. But i will type anyway. I am watching the olympics. Thought you should know.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I love this list because it isn't really stupid like all the other boredom lists. It is things that you can actually do instead of just reading things that you wish you could do.

Anonymous said...

This was the best bored sight i have ever been on

Bob said...

i've never had so much fun reading about wat 2 do wen ur bored.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! James Cameron wrote back to me!!!!!!

Andi said...

My husband is sooooo jealous of you now!

Anonymous said...

OK Well this has been great for me>>>>> i have NO! tv and no one is on gmail ot club penguin. NO! onr is answering there phones>>> and iam SICK! of the computer I have 2 spouses but there ages r 2 and 12 boy and gal and the 12 year old all day is upstairs on xbox live! SOOOO! this is a great site THX

Anonymous said...

i LOVED ur list i really was bored but no longer am it took me an hour and a half to read it and another hour to read the comments
p.s. idk wat p.s. stands for
p.p.s. i forgot wat i wanted to say
p.p.p.s. ohhhhh
p.p.p.p.s. the red button is soooooo kool
p.p.p.p.p.s. i died my hair red with kool-aid
p.p.p.p.p.p.s. my boyfriend came over and dumped me cause of my red hair he thought i had gone mad
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. lists r fun
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. i didnt like him anyway
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. im just now tellin u about it cause i forgot the site's name but all this happened on feb. 14
this site will always be on my mindlove ur fav,,,,

Andi said...

I can't believe someone would dump you because you dyed your hair!!!!

Lydd Grace said...

this really helped me! thanks(:

Kayla said...

Well, here goes to a list about myself. :)

1. I started this list at 12:32
2. I have dark brown eyes.
3. I have chestnut hair
4. I have a skin tone that is a certain shade of brain that I cannot describe.
5. My grandma calls it olive
6. I have brown freckles that look more like fish flakes then the dots they are portrayed as in the movies
7. I have recently painted my fingernails a shade of red that are about 2 shades darker then a Red Hot candy
8. I know because there is a bowl of Red Hots To my right.
9. I have some some AWSOME friends
10. My friends and I are crazy
11. I give advice, I do not take it
12. I love someone who does not love me back ( I don't think so anyway)
13. My crush doesn't know I exist
14. I am a very hopless romantic
15. Everyday I must face the awuful truth that I am to big a coward to tell my crush I like him.
16. I dream about going to the ocean and seeing the coral reefs.
17. I have never been to the beach
18. I dream of going
19. When I grow up I want to be a teacher or a Marine Bioligist.
10. I am in the fifth grade
11. I am very skinny
12. Some people say I'm anorexic because I weigh only 55 pounds
13. I am short for my age
14. My nickname is Roo because I use to wake up as early as a rooster and because I use to bounce around as much as a Kangaroo
15. I found out that nicknames stick with you forever.
16. I LOVE to sing
17. Taylor Swift is my role model
18. My famous crush is Taylor Lautner
19. I am a pessimist
20. I TRY to be as happy as I possibly can
21. Most of the time I am but,
22. I have a little sister
23. Actually I have 4 sisters and 1 brother.
24. I have another sister on the way.
25. They are all my half siblings (except 1)because my dad needs to be fixed. It's not my mom's fault
26. Most of my siblings haven't met eachother.
27. I've never met my brother
28. I am the oldest out of all my siblings
29. I am horrible at math
30. I am excellent at reading and writing.
31. I took a test and my reading level is 9-10 grade.
32. I am not joking.
33. I like to write my own songs.
34. My whole sister is being a pain in my butt right now.
35. I have amazing people in my life
36. My lucky colors are cool colors
37. My name is Kayla
38. I'm starting to run out of things to say about myself
39. My favorite candy is starburst
40. I believe that if you grow up facing REAL challenges it makes you more mature
41. I don't mean challenges by playing sports non stop or typin 100 words a minute.
42. I have gone through rough times and succeded
43. I like to draw but I am not good at it
44. Reading is my life, I love it
45. I am not girly
46. I haven't worn a dress since I was about 4
47. I am wearing pink headphones but not listening to anything
48. I play RuneScape
49. I am a brat sometimes
50. I am only mean to people who are mean to my friends or my family

It won't lemme post all 100 so I do 50/50

Kayla said...

Ok here's the rest of my list...

51. I am a simplist
52. I DO NOT like to be around a lot of people at one time
53. I have aracnophobia to the extreme
54. I am impatient
55. Most people don't realize that if they were standing on the edge of a pool i would push them in.
56. I'm very playful
57. If I could only say 10 words before I died I would say: I really do love everyone
58. This would be excluding a pain in my ass kid at my school shane. Noone likes him
59. I would say this because I do have enemies, I don't like them only because they're annoying but I would never hate anyone (again excluding Shane)
60. I wish on shooting stars
61. I want to be a vegetarian
62. My cousin makes me laugh
63. I want to become an artist because I believe with my imagination I could really make something out of it, but I am horrible at drawing as I have already
64. I want a pet box turtle
65. I love the Twilight series but not because I think the guys are hot becuase, I think they are very well written.
66. It is currently 1:11 and I think thats cool because it's all ones and the number I'm on is all 6s. lol not really that cool
67. I was born in Colorado
68. I really don't know anyhting more about myself...hmm.....
69. I like to sew
70. I like to crochet
71. My shoe size is 4 1/2
72. My favorite fruit is : banana
73. I despise: math
74. I can't stop thinking about my crush...
75. Now I am currently sad because I thouoght about him
76. I try to avoid thinking about him at all costs.
77. I am almost done with this list
78. I don't like penut butter
79. I don't like chocolate unless it's a chocolate chip cookie
80. I like to help my mom cook
81. My favorite sports are:
82. volleyball
83. basketball
84. and soccer
85. I absolutely hate the snow
86. Sadly I live in Colorado so there is currently a big snow mound in front of my window
87. My auncle is very very tall.
88. I don't know who my auncle's girlfriend is anymore
89. He might have more then one
90. I am nearing the end of this list
91. I like pickles
92. I like mustard
93. My favorite meal is: Chili Cheese dog with blue mountain due voltage and a frosty from Wendys'.
94. My favorite icecream is mint chocolate chip.
95. My favorite snack food is salt and vinegar lay's potato chips
96. I am 11 years old
97. Sadly this list has kept me occupied but I am still bored.
98. I really wish my little sister would take a nap....
99. I think I'll get her to take one when I'm done with this list.
100. My childhood roundness is still visible in my face, only my face
101. I hope you all enjoyed my list I enjoyed writing it for the most part. It is know 1:23 and I started at 12:32 so you do the math. :) bye! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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ashley said...


Anonymous said...

Wow i really want to know what the button does really badly but i am afraid its one of those scary dolly thingys that will like pop out of no where. Well ive tried like 5 things on this list already like the wax paper and crayon hearts, anti boredom kit lmao,pet rocks haha,the button yoyo , and the volcanoe. btw this site is so much fun!!!!!!!!

Andi said...

The red button will drive you a little crazy, but it definitely won't scare you. I promise. :o)

Anonymous said...

I plan to do everything on this list once. And then I'm going to do the other list. As you can tell I have a lot of time on my hands.

Andi said...

After you do everything on the list, please, please, please come back and tell us how it went! We'd love to hear about it.

Ashin said...

some of these ideas were cool like numbers 65,68, and 125 but other than that..........ok.

meisawsom said...

10 things about me:
1) i droped my iphone of a 8 story building.
2) my bers friend is curantly a seahorse.
3) ive just cut of a bit of my hair.
4) i cant spell cos dont like the english langage.
5) my cat eats my pants.
6) for some reson theri is a toothpased box on my bed.
7) i an british and it is raining.
8) i dont know what its like to be dead.
9) or do i?
10) i love this sight lol!!!!!!

Andi said...

I have to know, did your phone still work afterwards?

Anonymous said...

1. I used to drink a lot of juice.
2. I love McDonal's french fries when they're hot and greasy.
3. I crack my neck but worry it will injure me someday.
4. I'm not ambidextrous.
5. I'm not sure I spelled ambidextrous right.
6. I used to play with Play-Doh.
7. My little brother and sister are pretending to be hobos right now.
8. I am indeed doing this because I'm bored.
9. I love old movie theaters and wish I owned one.
10. I like pizza but I've had it so much recently I'm sick of it.
11. I don't know how I'll ever get to one hundred.
12. I'm worried my computer will crash unexpectedly while I'm on number 99.
13. This is number 13.
14. For one year I lived off of SweetTarts and Red Bull alone.
15. I'm fifteen.
16. Number 14 is not true.
17. I hate mean people and people with anger issues.
18. I don't like it when people sigh but I sigh a lot.
20. Yay, I'm at 20!
21. I spend way too much time on YouTube.
22. I believe in ghosts.
23. I'd like the address to Heaven so I could write God letters and get replies.
24. *sighs*
25. This is going to take a while.
26. I watched Dumb & Dumber a few days ago.
27. I hate it when people sell things of mine without asking.
28. I'm almost to 30.
29. I used to like watching the bad American Idol auditions but I don't like TV anymore.
30. Sometimes I hear my subconsious saying things that make no sense.
31. I had to take a break at number 29 to have spaghetti.
32. Sadly I could only make it to 32.

Anonymous said...

Memorize PI
I made it to 50 digets after the .

Anonymous said...

100 random things about me:
1) My name is Selena
2)Named after the singer
3)I was born in New York
4)Im too short for my age
5)I have freakishly big boobs
6)I'm 13
7)I like to smell things
8)I eat alot
9)I like to play truth or dare
10)I use tresEMME shampoo
11) & conditioner
12)I peirce my own piercings
13)Im not a good speller :(
14)My middle name is Raquel
15)Im from Puerto Rico
16)I love converse
17)vans ♥
18)I have a brother whos in jail
19)Im a myspace pheen
20)I have alot of friends
21)Im random
23)I like chocolate
24)I like to dance out of no where
24)I like to sing out of the blue
25)I like to swim at night
26)I ♥ free credit report .com commercials
27)I watch movies alot
28)I play sims 2 double deluxe
29)Im obsessed with my phone
30)i get my phone taken away alot
31)i like shopping for new socks
32)and clothes
33)and shoes
34)i have side swept bangs
35)i think im pretty
36)i hate being cheated on
37)im wearing all black converse right now
38)i like to go to the movies
39)i eat alot
40)i have a small tongue
41)i can open my mouth as wide as the honeycomb commercials
42)I have a best friend named shane
43)hes white
44) & funny
45)Are you?
46)I am
47)when im worried, i laugh. Idk why
48)Its easy to make me laugh
49)I hate liars
50)Your mom
51)Im on the volleyball team
52)My favorite sport is volleyball
53)I love BOYS
54)I kissed one today
55)I get in trouble alot
56)Im on my period
57) & it stinks
58)my eyes change color
59)my tongue is pierced
60)this list is getting long
61) i hate usinq q's as g's.
62)Do you?
63)i dont like pop tarts
64) i like toaster strudels
65) i hate mayo
66) & i hate nacho cheese
67)I love dancing
68)i wear skinny jeans
69)i have 15 piercings
70)im in 10th grade math, but in 8th grade
71)i think the saw movies are funny
72)when people fight, i laugh
73)i got into a fight yesterday
74)yes, i did beat her ass
75)i bought chips today at lunch
76)they were tasty
77) i like taking pictures with my friends
79)im bored
80)& i dont know what to write
81)i love earrings

Andi said...

Selena is a gorgeous name. I only hate g's and q's when I have to write them (they look weird), but on the computer they're not so bad.

Anonymous said...

100 random things about me!!

1) i am still in my school clothes (it is 9.05pm)
2) I lurv Bob marley!
3) My middle name is an american state
4) Im english
5) Im a girl
6) My hair is brown with natural blonde streaks
7) I live in a fishing village
8) Im scared of fish
9) I also love Paramore
10) and All American rejects
11) and Taio Cruz
12) and so many more i cant count them all
13) <-- is unlucky!!
14) i hate handwriting the letters M and W
15) i skipped number 5
16) ha you looked!! Lol
17) im wearing socks with a kitteh on them
18) I have two kittehs
19) and 1 doggie
20) 4 fish
21) My fish eat seagulls
22) My fish live outside coz im scared of them!!
23) We got the free with the house! LoL
24) I eat rabbit at the weekend
25) It took me three tries to spell rabbit! (rabitt, rabbitt, rabbit)
26) My dads name is Graham
27) I LURV reading books
28) I am sitting on a towel
29) The light in my bedroom doesn't work
30) that last one was made up
31) i have a hamster without a name!!
32) Im always changing my hairstyle
33) Im really short nearly the shortest in the year
34) my best friend is the tallest in the year
35) I like the program Scrubs
36) I think Glee sucks!
37) I like going on chatrooms
38) I havn't got shoes on
39) My dog is black
40) I can draw
41) Im getting bored now
42) and running out of things to say
43) Im going to carry on my list of artists i like untill i get to 50
44) NeYo
45) Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
46) Lily Allen
47) Lady Gaga
48) The Boomtown Rats
49) Blink 182
50) angels and airwaves

Andi said...

Lilly Allen, Blink 182 and Boomtown Rats definitely. Lady Gaga not so much.

Anonymous said...

ok im bord so i disited to write random things about me wearing my shirt backwards
2.i play the guitar first,middle and last name have m's in them friend is emo not emo 5'1
7.i spilled soda on my shirt without relizing it home alone
8.its spring break and its snowing
9.when i get fusterated i say GODUH!
10.i like rock music
11.there are two #7'S (try not to look)
12.<--this number is my age an only child
14.tomarro's my birthday!<:)
15.there's no number 9
16.Gotcha running out of things to write yard has 13 trees
19.and 2 bushes
20.i talk in my sleep.(sometimes)

well i cant think of anything else so i hope this list burned some time.

Andi said...

Happy birthday to you! My birthday's this week too!

Anonymous said...

100 randomness
1.Hi i am very random person
3.uh oh behind you!!!!
4.Made u look :) name is Alex
6.short for lexi lol
7.ikd why i go by alex mom call me pop tart
9.wait what
10.ewww fred figglehorn
12.oh ok i get it ummmm no i accually dont this site is omazing ;)
14.dude i am not a kiss up
15.wait huh smarties is a drug no way!
16.eww drugs
17.why are children small
18.woah i spaceded outed class watched zachary beaver yesterday
20.zachary beaver was fat
21.justin bieber
22.i am 11 flower wont grow :(
24.i love smilies
25.shhh i still sleep with a night light
26.i have good artistic skills
27.tik tok on the clock but the party dont stop no
28.what the fudge man birthday's in june :(
30.why do people play zwinky just a waste of time
31.i wonder what game is in my ds
32.icarly is werird
33.i am watching uptown girls
35.i got glasses
36.then my bf dumped my the next day dude ur really weird
38.the lost boys in my favorite movie 80s rule
39.michael jackson
40.i ♥ new moon boo twilight :D
41.*sigh* i lost the lost boys dvd
42.haha thats what makes them lost lmao
43.woah dude i spaceded outed again grr
44.dude imma woof
45.i have $12 in two days
46.omg i hear baby :)
47.grr i hate screamo
48.i wonder if my friend's got posted room is messy
50.i haate it!!!!!!!
51.Spiders scare me
52.if i see one i smack it a run for my life
53.i have exima my skin is really gross
54.eww feet and skin scare me is wrong with lady gaga?
56.i made a awesome missing dog poster literally
57.happy birthday to all and to all a good night
58.wait i being watched
60.yup by justin bieber
61.umm here comes my alter ego ugh i hate her
62.i have a wild imagination pjs bottoms are redmy tank top is white
64.i have half burnt candles in my room
65.i design cute clothing
66.ive designed my prom dress and shoes.
67.umm im not sure what else i can say about myself
68.everyone in my school hates me
69.exept 4 my friend dallen who always hugs me
70.he gives good hugs :)
71.shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell
72.aww i missed her she just landed in seatlle
73.boohoo she never said bye
74.oh well my bestfriend is gone party kjkjkjkjkjkjk
75.i think my fan will fall on me in my sleep never does
77.when i leave the house my toys come alive prom dress is pretty
79.i have a mechanical pencil right in front of me
80.lmao i skipped 81-89
90.u just checked
91.i ran out of ideas
100.bye :)))))

Anonymous said...

I'm _SO_ bored today!!
Besides the list whats another thing?

Andi said...

Hey Alex, I have toys that come alive when I leave the house, too. Weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

100 Random Things About me!

1 My best Friend is Caoimhe.
2 I like Chocolate.
3 My mum is cleaning.
4 I am on school holidays.
5 I am watching the simpsons.
6 I went walking today.
7 Ireland Rocks
8 I like Pasta
9 I play Harp
10 My bro surfs
11 Facebook is dull, I think
12 I like Italy
13 I am really bored
14 My hair is blonde
15 Its snowing even though its April
16 I like Christmas
17 I like English
18 Munster Rocks
19 I like Kate Nash
20 I play Guitar Too
21 My Cat is P.j
22 Unicorns ARE real
23 I like reading
22 one of my friends can turn thier bellybutton inside out ewww!
23 Bart Simpsons is an idiot
24 Bart is 10
25 I like hats
26 I like looking at old pics
27 This is making me more bored than I was, I'm stopping now

gorgeeous-baaabeey. said...

30 things about me.

1. i have a boys name even though im a girl
2. im on msn just nooow
3. im mega ultra bored
4. im only on number 4 and im running outta things to say.
5. i split from my boyfriend 3 weeks ago (:
6. he was polish
7. im scottish
8. im in england just now, im at my dads.
9. my names jordan incase you were wondering.
10. im still in my pyjames and its 4:51 pm :$
11. ive met britney spears.
12. my dad owns 2 restuarants + a hotel.
13. one of those last two was a lie.
14. guess which one.
15. yeaahp, number 11 was a lie.
16. number 12 was the honest truth
17. i swear
19. im going to alton towers tomorrow
20. my feet are cold
21. i have a snake
22. my hair smells good
23. i got my dads girlfriend a ted baker gift set
24. there is a random sink at the corner of the guest room at my dads.
25. its now 16.53 :o
26. i typed ''what to do when your bored'' into google and this came up
27. i could spell antidisestablishmentarianism and supercalifragilisticsexpialadocious since i was 7. {im now 14}
28.number 21 was a lie (:
29.i missed out number 18 :L
30. Congrats you wasted a considerable amount of time reading this
31. IM INTELLIGENT ;D, {this makes up for the missing number 18 } :)

~Midnight Snack~ said...

First i would like to say.......thanks a lot people!! It took me 3 whole minutes just to get down here to post a comment!!! major waste of bordem! lolz! but anywho.......time for #29!!! YAY!! :D

1. I just wrote like half of a paragraph about pretty much nothing!

2. Sentences are long and hard to read!

3. Im not really going to list 100 things.

4. Im just going to do this until I get bored.

4. Which I am now.

6. I just figured out I put #4 again instead of nummber 5.

7. Peanut Peanut Butter.......AND JAM!!!!!

8. No im just alergic to peanut butter.

9. JAM JAM JAM............. AND JAM!!!

10. Nope....its just not the same...

11.Are you serious? Im only at #11?

12. I thought I was at number 40 sumthin.

13. I am blackinese and proud!

14. No im not. Im not even sure if that exists.

15. Maybe it does. If you me!

16. I never did get that.

17. Im mean they say it in the TV shows but when you think about it....they dont even have their number.

18. OH SNAPSKIIZ!! I completely forgot this was supposed to be about me!!

19. Heh heh.....sorry.

20. Well hi my name is Anna Montana.

21. No not really my name is just so hideous that I cant tell you!

22. Ahh this makes you want to know doesnt it?

23. Well i might tell you.....under one conditon.

24. You get me some oreos right now!

25. Im serious i want some oreos.

26. Now back to talking to...oh i mean about myself.

27. Hiya! The name's Jericca.

28.Yep hideous i know!

29. I dont even know if theres another Jericca anywhere!

30. If your a jericca then go to my blog

31. My birthday is April 30th!! ^^^^^

32. See how i put that random advertisement in there?

33. I live in a city.

34. A cheesesteak city.

35. I like Twlight!

36. I scream when anyone says Twlight of any other sagas

37. I have cardboard cut outs of bella, edward, jacob, alice, carlisle,....ok the whole cullen family!

38. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and see them moving around and talking to eachother.

39. I am weird

40. I hear voices in my head.

41. They said hi

42. I have a goldfish

43. I only have one because the first one ate all the new ones.

44. I have a canibal.

45. Disguised as a fish.

46. I have a pen from toshiba.

47. I have an ipod shuffle.

48. I love the Vampire diares

49. I love you.

50. Im not bored anymore.

Breitling Replica Watches said...

Wow its really great to do these things, specially collecting the alphabet ans art of sand, i am going to try these two tips right now and will let you know about my experience.

Emmy ;P said... middle name is tessa getting new glasses

3.the arm fell off my other glasses

4.because i accidently twisted it bad at typing.

6.well i THINK im bad at typing friends think im good typing that is and my friends made a group caled RANDOM!=)

10.i have a nickname is emmy =p

12.even my mum calls me that

13.the red button is cool

14.even though i cant figure it out 10 yrs old fav. colour is pink

17.and purple


19.its easter tommorrow parents are divorsed with my dad right exactly now;p

22.i want to be with my mum

23.i dont know what to write long does this list actually have to be? aiming for 100 dad has a really weird mp3 player

26.i own a ipod

27.well i share it with my sisters

28.but its mainly mine

29.i use t te most

30.t has games fav. is solitaire lips have a infection

33.its horrible



35.yeahhhh stalling

37.there are 2 34s

38.i bet you looked

39.i collect coins hungry

41.its 3:06






48.theres no 42

49.but i did 2 of a different number its even

51.i keep a diary favourite wrd is dairriarre

53.its french fo bum

54.i cant spell it

55.i ike saying it

56.its pronounced dairy-air

57.go on

58.say it

59.blah balh

60.ladedadedaladedadedaladedadedaladedadeda up to #61 already middle name is the same as my aunts sistrs middle ame is the same as one of her best friends

64.her middle name is rose

65.i have 2 sisters is my twin


68.whats profanity

69.because t says above that (comments are moderated, but we're not too strict.try to use as little PROFANITY as possibla

70.nb m sisters are watchig stuart little 3


73.i like miley cyrus better than hannah montana

74.shes prettier

74.i want to go on labrats


76. dhdzgnh


79.i missed out on #77


82.why am i saying this

83.because im sad

84.cause' im homesick

85. im watching space buddies fav. dog is mudbud

87.almost done

88. i might do more than 100


90.10 more really tired

92.and hungry

93.i get easter eggs tomorrow


96.normally i eat at 6:00PM!

97.3 to go

98.blh blah blah



My 100 word story:

I'm slowly, slowly fading away.Into nothing.At all.

My fingers pressed against the glass."Help me",I whispered. My voice echoed off the round surface of the ball."Help me,help me, help me" it said back to me. I was inside the sphere. What was happening to me? Where was I? This wasnt real. How could it be?

"Wake up. Come on darling, wake up". The voice was distant, faint.

I woke with a start.My Mother was looking anxiously down at me. A smile slowly creeped across my face. It was just a bad dream after all.

I hope you like my 100 word story. I want to be an author someday.

Andi said...

Awesome story! I think you will be an author someday. :o)

Anonymous said...

what can i do cause im like the boardest person ever i cant play video games and i dont want to read right now .lol help

Isabelle said...

1. My room is blue
2. Its spring break!
3. I am in love with trampolines
4. I am super short so I go really high
5. I dont have one thought :(
6. I love the scent :Twilight woods" from bath and body works
7.I enjoy sniffing sharpies
8. I ama rebel so I don't care if It kills braincells
9. This is hard
10. Ten out of 8 people are bad at fractions
11. I have a boyfriend
12. Heplays soccor
13. I enjoy movies
14. Mostly Comdedys
15 Especially Home alone's 1, 2,3
16. I play field hockey
17. i am defence
18. But I am very frightened that the balls will hit me in the face
19. I criend during Narnia
20. I am 12. 20,21, 89,90
90. I enjoy texting
91. im broke
92. I am hyper
93. I am a clothing designer
94. I can draw the proportions model and every thing
95 I can also sew the outfits
96. I enjoy Crispy Creme
97. The choco, glazed, sprinkles
98. I am a prep
99. I'm beautiful
100. Your jelous, goodbyeee

Anonymous said...

Hey This is soooo cool I sold Pet Rocks to the little kids on my street and made £50.00!!!!

Anonymous said...

i wanna make a pet rock but my mum said i cant go outside and rocks r dirty. :(

Anonymous said...

yah pretty cool list i like the message in a balloon thing kewl! i like ur story and i counted 2 c if it really waz 100 words! gud job! :D

tattoo supplies said...

Hey This is soooo cool I sold Pet Rocks to the little kids on my street and made £50.00!!!!

Melanie said...

HAHAHA this is RED Hair again
(a.k.a. Melanie:):);) ) haha yes he waz stupid to break up with me so since it is spring break i got to die my hair and on monday (yes it is the end of my break sadly) i will have red hair again!!!! wish me luck


Anonymous said...

I think that this wesite is a gr8 way to find something 2 do. I especially liked numbers:
8, 26, 63, 97 and 98.
I hope that it gets used!
Beth 11yrs

Anonymous said...

what is the red botton?

Andi said...

The red button is a fun, amusing game that wastes a lot of time. :o)

Anonymous said...

1-100 im still bored

Anonymous said...

I think this list is fantastic! And the Big Red Button kept me laughing for an hour. I bet i achieved laughing 400 times then! I would defiantly recommend this list to anyone.

Klmm said...

Here are 10 things random about me
1. Im wearing blue right now
2. My mom is on the phone
3. Im really bored
4. Im typing
5. I have a Club Penguin
6. What's a bird doing on a roof
7. Im bored
8. Im really really bored
9. I LOVE lions
10. Im done

P.S. Whats Dont Press the Red Button?

ariel.misty said...

i loved the big red button i was in my own world for like an hour it was so much fun hehe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hii i decourated my own rock!!! XD i put knitting wool on it for its hair! also i WROTE my own autobiography
1. I have to have nasal spray cos i have rhianitis- dust allergy
2. I'm writing on this site
3. Those banana pops look tempting...
4. darn back to skool tomoz- its the easter hols
5. I'm bored of this list
6. what is wrong with this sentence?
7. ha i bet i got u looking AGEES at that sentece cos there is nothing wrong with it. Actually it needs a capital letter but yeahh
8. BYE :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

whoever invented the big red button is a genious. i enjoy texting. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello Hello................PING!!!

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

1. i am in my room
2. im on this site
3. I have 30 cuhzins just on my mom's side
4. i will write down thier names
Julissa (1)
hector (2)
luis (3)
adan (4)
gabriel (10)
isabella (16)
viviana (24)
ethan (25)
octavio (28)
andrea (29)
sofi (30)
5. i was dragged by a car
6. My favorite place in the world is Mexico
7. Damn right i'm mexican and im proud of it
8. my family looks white
9. i liv in the united states
10. im not as bored anymore
11. i have a crush on my cuhzin's friend
12. i am listenign to my ipod
13. i dont have an ipod its actually my liitle sister's
14. i am listenig to HEY SOUL SISTER by Train
15. thats my favorite song
16. i call my cuhzin julissa my souls sister
17. she calls me honey child
18. i call my cuhzin daniela Gorgeous
19. She calls me sexy
20. She calls me that becuhz my crush call me that
21. i tell daniela everything about my crushes
22. its funny becuhz she got with the guy i was obsessed with!! =O
23. Now i'm listening Your love is my drug bye ke$hsa
24. i told daniela i liked this guy and we went to go visit him then she started liking him and he liked her too
25. They danced all night loong at all the parties we went to
26. he asked her out and she aid yes!xP even thou SHE KNEW I LIKED HIM A LOT!!
27. i forgave her
28. Now im listenig to alejandro by lady gaga
29. i luv pictures
30. i have A LOT o f pictures all over my room
31. I want to be a nurse when i grow up
32. i only had one boyfriend
33. when i was in first grade he held my hand i got scared and i told my mom to make me move schools
34. i am 13 yrs old
35. still have my virgin lips!!and proud of it
36. i hate immature realtionships
ex. i guy gets with a girl stays with her for 4 days breaks up with her gets up with her 2 days after. then she breaks up with him and gets with one of his friends AND ITS TOTAALLY FINE WITH HIM!!! its usually all the popular girls and boys... they all recyle their bf and gf!! i just hat eit so much!!
37. this is actually getting fun
38. now i am listenig to ICAN MAKE UR BED ROCK
39. my friends are: amanda connie natassya mixtli anjuli jessica
40. my mom told me to get off the computer
41 becuhz i am onit all teh time
42, imma get off now
43. now im listenig to ke$ha agian TIK TOK
44. im going to go eat something
45. i hav eno ideas what im gonna eat
46. im really hungry
47. i usually am not i usually eat fruit at home i had breakfast at 9 am and now its 6 and im having lunch!!
48. i have only eaten friut
49. an dim gonna go eat actual food now
50. Im listening to Rock that body by Black eyed peas
51. this song alwyas makes me wanna dance idk y!!
52. Now imma dance to the kitchen to eat =D
53. this was really fun i should do this more often!!!

Andi said...

Wow, that a LOT of cousins! :)
I've only been to Mexico once, a long (LONG!) time ago. I hope I get the chance to go again someday.

brenna507 said...


Anonymous said...

128 made me laugh! lol

Anonymous said...

1. i'm kathleen!
2. the exclamation point is not part of my name
3. im kinda creepy
4. i love a boy named angus
5. i like a boy named brendan
6. brendan and i are almost kinda dating
7. but he is not my boyfriend
8. i live in boston
9. i went to a dance last night
10. i danced with brendan
11. angus goes to my school
12. brendan doesnt
13. im atheist
14. im also a ginger
15. im 5'7"
16. i am wearing socks
17. i hate being without socks
18. im cat sitting
19. $20 a day for 3 days
20. im 13
21. you may be thinking 'why does a mere thirteen year old girl need all this money'
22. im saving up
23. to see the three people i love more than anything
24. for about 2 and a half hours
25. you might think that sounds sad
26. but i know i'll be crying with joy
27. im kinda poor
28. not like dirt poor
29. but sometimes we cant afford dinner
30. and doing stuff like going to the movies is a real treat
31. but my mom still thinks im spoiled
32. imagine if we had real money
33. then id be insanely bratty
34. in her mind
35. its 10:20
36. im smart
37. i love buffy the vampire slayer
38. even though that show ended when i was 6
39. i love spike
40. twilight was a wastenof time
41. i mean vampires that sparkle? really???
42. im nt your stereotypical teen girl
43. i wish my hair was green
44. i like to be different
45. and how many green haired people do you see everyday?
46. i think im hungry
47. justin bieber angers me
48. he doesnt have much talent
49. and there are PLENTY of people that work harder than him an dget so much less credit
50. these arent really facts about me
51. more like a list of things on my mind
52. im more than halfway done
53. will you miss me when im dine and have to go?
54. i bet i'll miss you
55. i'm tired
56. tired backwards is derit
57. disney backwards is yensid
58. i want to be an actress
59. i do plays
60. i cant sing
61. im singing john mayer now though
62. he's on the radio
63. in your atmosphere
64. thats the song
65. im into pretty mellow music
66. but i do like to dance
67. even though i cant
68. so i guess i like upbeat music too
69. this number makess me giggle
70. im not immature, just 13
71. so i guess i am immature
72. but im mature looking
73. which annoys me
74. boys my age look a lot younger than me
75. so its awkward if we like eachother
76. everyone cracks jokes about how i look older
77. like im his sister
78. i even got babysitter once
79. that sucked
80. wow 20 more left
81. now 19
82. im wasting these
83. i should say something meaningful
84. for my grand, final facts on my list
85. i love the color green
86. and painting my toes
87. my best friend will not date a boy i want her to
88. shes a vampire slayer
89. and im a vampire
90. and we're best friends
91. go figure
92. i like the all american rejects
93. cuz im kinda a reject
94. i like this nummber
95. its kinda mysterious
96. in an exciting kind of way
97. this was the year i was born inn
98. i just saw an ant an screamed
99. i woke up the cat
100. goodbye world

Anonymous said...

1. my name is Ally

2. i like (:'s

3. i live in iowa

4. this list thing isnt as fun as i thought...

5. but ima finish it

6. my fav color is purple(:

7. i hate a girl named emma

8. i miss my ex boyfriend sam ):

9. but wer still friends(:

10. im really bored

11. i moved on the 1st

12. the number after this is my fav number

13. < is my fav number(:

14. i hate people who lie

16. I like a guy named zeke

17. im wearing 1 pink sock and 1 purple sock

18. i play basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and swimming(:

19. i skipped the number 15 for a reason

20. I hate the number 15 so i guess im doing 101 facts but really just 100!

21. im sitting in a black chair

22. im definatly a blonde

23. my bestfriend in the whole wide world's name is Hailee(:

24. oh did i mention I HATE EMMA!

25. so does every1 else in my skool...

26. she lies alot.

27. lying is not cool.

28. im 12

29. im a facebook addict

30. ive been fishing once in my life

31. that is going to change cuz i live in a lake house now(:

32. and its our private lake that is stocked

33. turtles are my fav animals

34. i will never keep the fish

35. i hate fwds

36. my fav cuzins name is bailey

37. this is number 37.

38. obviously

40. im shy around my family

41. but not my friends!

42. this is boringggg

43. for breakfast i had a poptart

44. i didnt hav lunch today

45.for dinner im having cheese pizza.

46. 44 is a lie. i had a nutri grain bar

47. i hate drama

50. im half way thru.

51. i have a pet bird

52. and 2 dogs

56 ella and ranger r dogs

57 mernie is a birdie

58. my teachers say they cant read me... this makes me feel violated.

59. but suck it teachers

60. i only like one of my teachers... mrs rheingans

61. she is pretty cool.

62 she lets us chat and she talks with us and changes due dates for us

63. she hates grading and she likes me so somehow assignments that are late get full credit...

67. im pretty sure she just makes grades up for me...

68. i never turned in one of my papers and i got 100%

69. this number makes me laf

70. i wonder why its called 69...

71. idk if i even want to know

72. i have 2 brothers

73. my parents have never got divorced... them and the other 43% of americans sad...

74. i definatly made up 43%

75. my hand writing sucks

75. my best subject is reading

76. also my favorite subject

77. i really have to go to the bathroom

78. but am determined to finish this first.

79. blahhh

80. idk wat to write

81. why am i even doing this?

82. oh yeah cuz i WAS bored..

83 and STILL am...

84. i have not accomplished anything in the list...

85. dont ditch ur friends for a boy.

86. cuz most likely wen ur my age ur not guna get married

87. dont change for a guy

88. im wearing a green shirt

89. its sunday

90. the 9th

91. of may

92. its mothers day.

93. does atving count as a sport?

94. cuz if it does then its my fav..

95. otherwise its basketball

96. i have an atv liesence

97. i lack in spelling ^^

98. i have to left

99. my arm hurts

100. yay i can go to the bathroom(:

Jimmy Jetson said...

omg i just printed the whole comments page haha oops!

Anonymous said...

I <3 the big red button!!! I have it on my ipod. Its awesome!

Amber said...

Hey awesome list loved the red button I put your blog on my blog so I'm going to put mine on yours so demi fans go to
and be the first member of my blog

Andi said...

Hey Amber, thanks for stopping by! I hope you get lots of visitors to your blog. :o)

Anonymous said...

1. im rachel
2. 30 seconds to mars is my all time favorite band.
3. i saw 'em twice
4. both times i got their autographs.
5. the # b4 this was my fav.
6. i play guitar
7. I have a H251FM Ltd and its amazing
8. i love to draw.
9. my mom wants me to become an artist.
10. i also love to fish.
11. my dad has a mako
12. he calls it mako my day.
13. i live in florida
14. its beautiful
15. i love to play zelda
16. link is awesome:)
17. my rooom is white.
18. my fav color is red and blue.
17. but not 2gether
18. i dont like hw.
19. it sux
20. wolvs are kool
21. so r foxes.
22. their my fav animals.
23. my dog has 2 different color eyes.
24 shes a catahoula leopard dog.
25. i also have a daschund
26. im wearind red shorts
27. i have an envy 3
28. and i hate it.
29. but i can deal with it.
30. my dad is gonna teach me to spear fish.
31. my brother can
32. but he's in texas.
33. no offense but texas sux...
34. at least fort worth does.
35. its dull and boring and theres no green wat so ever.
36. i like cheese.
37. i dont like a girl named rachel
38 but not me.
39. and amanda
40. my fav word is crazy mofo
41. and just joshin'
42. im listening to atreyu
43. their awesome.
44. <-----my fav # twice:)
45. i dont play sports
46. i used to play soccer.
47. but not no more.
48. i hate spiders
49. and amanda
50. half way down.
51. im bored as heck
52. its hot outside
53. tomo milicevic ans steve vai are my fav guitarist.
54. tomo is from 30stm
55. 30stm is short for 30 seconds to mars.
56. i love them
57. i like a kid named ricardo.
58. and tyler
59. my teacher is in a band
60. called bodhi
61. chrck 'em out their pretty good.
62. if you like jazz and rock.
63. they have les pauls.
64. which is friggin' awesome:)
67. ahhhhhh im bored.
68. my friend hates ppl on their hands and knees craweling around.
69. i made my friend crawl around:)
70. it was funnyyyy
71. im tired...
72. my sister looks asian:)
73. i dont like justin bieber
74. or kesha
75. or lady gaga
76. or amanda
77. or rachel (not me)
78. or rap
79. or pop
80. but i do like rock and metal:)
81. and country kinda...
82. my best frined makes me listen to it
83. we went to the chili cookoff
84. there were alot of druggies
85. it was disgusting.
86. did u know tht u can lead cows up stairs but cant lead 'em down.
87. ur a crazy mofo...
88. but im the queen of crazt mofos...
89. bow down...
90. or ill throw an apple at u...
91. im almost done:)
92. yayyyyyy
93. my dad is from ecuador
94. my mom from new hampshire
95. i have 2 dogs.
96. polo and sandy
97. both girls.
98. sooo close... awwwwww man my computer died...
99. just joshin'
100. bye crazy mofos...:p

Anonymous said...

i am confused, why are people putting stuff about themselves in the comments??? wierd... Anyhuu, some of the stuff sounds pretty fun and stupid.

Nisreen said...

1. I like pie.
2. I'm a girl.
3. My fave food is steak.
4. I have 3 sibling.
5. 2 Sisters.
6. Their names are Nadine and Nikki
7. 1 brother.
8. His name is Kevin.
9. I'm the oldest.
10. I love cats.
11. I have 2.
12. Cooper is a male.
13. Dinah is female.
14. I have a dog.
15. Her name is Delilah.
16. My parents are divorced.
17. They have been since I was 4.
18. My best friend is Michayla.
19. She's crazy.
20. Nina is my other best friend.
21. She's awesome.
22. I hate Gabrielle.
23. She's mean.
24. A mean girl!
25. She considers herself nice.
26. I live in Arizona.
27. When I'm 18 I'm moving.
28. To another country.
29. To England!
30. England = awesome.
31. America = Ehh.
32. I love music.
33. Evanescence is awesome.
34. So is Breaking Benjamin.
35. So is System of a Down.
36. So is Flyleaf.
37. I hate Justin Bieber.
38. And Kesha.
39. And Lady Gaga.
40. And The Black Eyed Peas.
41. And basically anyone who makes that kind of music.
42. I love rock, alternative, and metal.
43. My sister loves The Black Eyed Peas.
44. Once I went to a Pork n Brew festival.
45. Lots of food.
46. I love BBQ!
47. Well, I love steak so it makes sense.
48. Yummy.
49. I am in my PJ's.
50. I am also listening to music.
51. Anthem of the Angels.
52. By Breaking Benjamin.
53. I hate the font that this is in.
54. I mean the font I'm typing it in.
55. Not the font it publishes as.
56. My sister is on
57. I'm on
58. I am also on MSN.
59. And
60. And
61. Obviously.
62. Ooh My song changed.
63. Now it's Believe.
64. By Breaking Benjamin.
65. My other sister is working on her board.
66. For her report.
67. Which was on the Austrailian Sea Wasp.
68. It's a jellyfish.
69. The deadliest jellyfish, actually.
70. I have 30 more to do.
71. Ugh.
72. I did number 7 on this list.
73. To my sister.
74. And to my friend, Isaac.
75. My sister loved it.
76. So did Isaac.
77. But I did change it to 10.
78. 20 is too hard.
79. My song changed.
80. Break My Fall.
81. By Breaking Benjamin.
83. I like a lot of Breaking Benjamin.
84. For some reason the person on MSN that I'm talking to has BRBed for a long time.
85. Well.
86. A half an hour.
87. That's long.
88. For me.
89. Woo almost 90!
90. Yay!
91. Song changed.
92. Black.
93. By Pearl Jam.
94. It's not just Breaking Benjamin, you know.
95. 5 more!
96. I want pie...
97. I like the word coolio.
98. This list is coolio!
100. xD Lolz Bye, haha.

Anonymous said...

play wii sports NAKED!

Andi said...

I'm definitely going to try this idea! I will NOT be reporting back to you on how it went.

IvoryT said...

the big red botton was really fun but is there an end to it? thats the fun of it. i'm going to do a lot of things off this list. i will never be bord again.

Anonymous said...

10 random things about me:

1. I live in england
2. I have a cat
3. I hate Justin Beiber
4. My hamster died halloween night
5. I have 3 goldfish
6. I support Manchester City
7. My favourite colour is turquoise
8. I have 5 brothers and a sister
9. My laptop is cool
10. I've just had a drink of 7UP

All of these things are true. As you saw, I live in England. Please write back a comment to tell me some things about America. (If you are american)


A. Anonymous out. x

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