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Gross anatomy: 50 bizarre body parts

Since the dawn of man we have been fascinated with the human body. By studying its component parts, we have sought to understand life itself.

Leonardo Da Vinci drew many studies of the human skeleton and its parts, as well as muscles and sinews, the heart and vascular system, the sex organs, and other internal organs.

Henry Gray dissected unclaimed bodies from workhouse and hospital mortuaries. His landmark textbook, Gray's Anatomy, became the anatomical basis of modern medicine and surgery.

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley went even further and explored the idea of combining and reanimating disparate body parts in order to understand and, ultimately, to create life.

This list features some anatomy that probably would have puzzled Da Vinci, Gray and Shelley. Here you will find unusual body parts to eat, body parts to wear, and body parts just to look at.

Victor Frankenstein himself would have been impressed with these anatomical oddities!

Skull cake

skull cake
(via: Super Punch)

Knitted bisected head

bisected head anatomical model
(etsy seller: CraftyHedgehog)

Knitted brain

knitted brain
(credit: Dr. Karen Norberg)

Braaaaaaains cupcakes

brain cupcakes
(credit: xsomnis)

Bloody brain cocktail

brain cocktail
(recipe: folkinz)

Crochet motor neuron

motor neuron
(etsy seller: concertinapieces)

Head bread (You read that right — it's BREAD!)

body part bread
(via: Chill Out Point)

Embroidered eye diagrams

Short sighted
(credit: PlanetCoco)

Opti ring

opti ring
(etsy seller: beatblack)

Egg's eye

egg's eye
(credit: adnrey)

Ear painting

ear painting
(credit: Elisabeth Ehmann)

Cochlea necklace

Cochlea Necklace

Teeth mug

teeth mug

Teeth jewelry

teeth jewelry
(credit: Polly van der Glas)

Teeth cake

teeth cake
(via: Russian History Blog)

Teeth x-ray pendant

teeth x-ray pendant
(etsy seller: archaicmementos)

Knitted throat

knitted throat
(credit: Ben Cuevas)

Lumbar vertebra necklace

lumbar vertebra necklace
(etsy seller: JensMetals)

Anatomical embroidery

anatomical embroidery
(credit: Ben Conrad)

Scapular art dress

(etsy seller: Toolgrrl)

Anatomical vegetables (International Vegetarian Union ad)

(via: Craftzine)

Ribcage purse

ribcage bag
(credit: Marisa Ranalli)

Ribcage necklace

ribcage necklace
(etsy seller: lilliancrowe)

Black lung necklace

black lung necklace
(etsy seller: ktees)

Red blood cells necklace

Red blood cells necklace
(etsy seller: ktees)

Heart embroidery

heart embroidery
(credit: Andrea Dezsö)

Stained glass heart

stained glass heart
(etsy seller: hemisphere)

Heart pin cushion

heart pin cushion
(credit: ilovefeffer)

Knitted heart

knitted heart
(credit: Ben Cuevas)

Heart soap

pomegranate heart soap
(etsy seller: dugshop)

Exposed heart necklace

exposed heart necklace
(credit: Danielle Rizzolo)

Butterflies in the stomach necklace

Butterflies in the stomach necklace
(etsy seller: TillyBloom)

Felt stomach ID holder/coin purse

felt stomach change purse
(etsy seller: autumnomatopoeia)

Plush liver

plush liver
(buy: I Heart Guts)

Hello Kidney t-shirt

Hello Kidney
(buy: WrongTees)

Gallbladder painting

You've Got Gall
(buy: I Heart Guts)

Instestines necklace

intestines necklace
(etsy seller: beatblack)

Uterus & ovaries softie

uterus & ovaries softie
(etsy seller: organbank)

Skeletal hand jewelry

skeletal hand jewelry
(credit: Delfina Delettrez)

Meatloaf hand

meatloaf hand
(credit: not martha)

Pancake hand

pancake hand
(via: The Pancake Project)

Bone salt & pepper shakers

bone salt & pepper shakers

Plush knee

plush knee
(credit: Becky Stern)

Leg bracelet

leg bracelet
(credit: Ms. Vanda)

Bone socks

bone socks
(etsy seller: nojenno)

Foot cake

foot fetish cake
(credit: debbiedoescakes)

Skeleton hoodie

Skeleton Hoodie
(via: Craftzine)

Anatomy fashion

anatomy fashion
(credit: Katie Eary)

Anatomical bed cover

anatomical bed cover
(via: Neatorama)

What you're made of ... Lego edition

(credit: Jason Freeny)

Bonus link
Fleshmap — what do we sing about, when we sing about the body?

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