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15 quirky & creative ways to propose to your sweetheart

engagement ring
(image credit: James Jordan)

Valentine's Day is coming up! It is, of course, the traditional day on which lovers express their feelings for each other by sending cards, presenting flowers, or offering candy. It's also one of the most popular days of the year to propose marriage; of the 2.3 million couples who get engaged each year in the USA, 10% of them do it on Valentine's Day!

If you're planning to pop the question this February 14, here are some unique ideas — ranging from super-simple to outrageously extravagant — for making the moment special and memorable.

1. Illustrate it

Guy Shield proposal
(credit: Guy Shield)

Artist Guy Shield proposed to his girlfriend Liz through a series of folded, sequential illustrations.

2. Light it up

light writing proposal
(credit: derrickandemily.com)

Derick designed a light writing proposal that covered several blocks in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. It took Derick (with the help of his friends) 3 nights of shooting and over 800 exposures to create the image asking Emily to be his bride.

3. Act it out

[YouTube link]

Ted and Anna fell in love while working as crew members on the TV show Scrubs. When it came time to pop the question, the cast and crew were in on it.

4. Float it

(image credit: Kyle~)

In 2008 German police received several reports of strange UFO-like lights floating above the sleepy town of Plattling. The lights were actually 50 paper lanterns sent aloft by a 29-year-old man proposing marriage to his girlfriend.

Neither the man nor the 27-year-old woman were identified, however police report that the woman did say yes.

5. Spell it out

Scrabble proposal
(via: CamWorld)

Cameron Barrett proposed to his girlfriend Bonnie with a heartfelt message on a Scrabble board.

"... I know that somewhere in there I scored a Triple Word Score and we both ended up winning."

6. Film it

[YouTube link]

Tracey Wade thought she was viewing just another movie trailer. It eventually dawned on her that the trailer was actually a clever marriage proposal produced by her boyfriend of 14 years ... and the entire movie theater was filled with their friends and family.

7. Build it

Lego engagement
(credit: cheeseslope)

Joe recently proposed to his girlfriend Kristen by first inviting her to a picnic. He then gave her a custom-designed Lego set with the very same picnic pictured on the box!

8. Tweet it

Twitter proposal acceptance

@maxkiesler proposed to @emilychang on Twitter.

Twitter proposal

@emilychang accepted!

9. Launch it

Zero gravity proposal

He'd promised, unrealistically, to take her to the moon. So Alexander Loucopoulos did the next best thing. He proposed to Graciela Asturias, a space enthusiast, in a specially-designed Boeing 727 aircraft that creates the experience of microgravity during four-to-five minute plunges as it flies up and down between 24,000 and 35,000 feet.

10. Advertise it

[YouTube link]

Rand set out to make a Super Bowl commercial asking for Geraldine's hand in marriage but, even with thousands of dollars in donations received through his My Super Proposal website, he fell short of the $2.5 million needed. So Rand instead purchased local ad time during Geraldine's favorite TV show, Veronica Mars.

[YouTube link]

Geraldine said yes and Rand donated the remaining cash to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

11. Whisper it

[YouTube link]

In July 2009 Jake Bronstein set the world record for longest whisper chain, successfully passing his message through 59 people. What made the feat all the more exciting was the message itself: a wedding proposal to his girlfriend, Kristina Hoge.

12. Fake it

[YouTube link]

Chicagoan George Aye faked an art opening to propose to his girlfriend, Sara Cantor. The fake exhibit was called "My Early Muir Owl," an anagram of "Will You Marry Me." It featured foam-core shapes mounted on poles that, when viewed just the right way, spelled out the all-important question.

13. Webify it


bachelor_no_more launched the clever willyoumarrymekc.com to deliver his eproposal.


Dave Garr also got engaged after creating a proposal website. He sat his bride-to-be in front of a computer screen and got her to browse over to DaveLovesElizabeth.com. After he popped the question he blogged about the engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon ... and the subsequent births of their babies!

14. Meme it

(via: Neatorama)

Jon proposed using a series of LOLcats. More images were added afterwards to verify that Loretta did, indeed, accept.

15. Sing it

[YouTube link]

A magical moment happened on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland last year when John proposed to his girlfriend Erika with an "impromptu" musical number.


[YouTube link]

This one's actually a Nokia ad ... but it's a fabulous idea nonetheless!

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Andi said...

Hey y'all, I just found another amazing proposal! (via: Super Punch)

Jason Lee said...

These are all great ideas.

I proposed to my girlfriend with a message in a fortune cookie!

We still use the place for special events, http://www.fortunecookiecreations.com