Monday, October 25, 2010

20 brilliant Halloween costume ideas

1. Hawaii snow globe

Hawaii snow globe
(credit: jpotisch)

2.  Ventriloquist's dummy

Ventriloquist's dummy
(credit: inchmark)

3.  Desaturated Santa

Desaturated Santa
(via: Make: Online)

4.  Light-up costume

Light-up costume
(via: Make: Online)

5.  Gun dress

Gun dress
(via: Costume Pop)

6.  Spider sense Peter Parker

Spider sense Peter Parker
(via: Costume Pop)

7.  Mirror man

Mirror Man
(credit: SiLver sKY)

8.  Kidnapped mermaid

Kidnapped mermaid
(via: Instructables)

9.  A Christmas Story bunny

A Christmas Story bunny
(via: Instructables)

10.  Han Solo riding a tauntaun

Han Solo riding a tauntaun
(credit: Scott Holden)

11.  Roy Lichtenstein-inspired costume

Lichtenstein-inspired costume
(via: Charmed)

Roy Lichtenstein art

12.  Headless Marie Antoinette

Headless Marie Antoinette
(via: Make: Projects)

13.  Wilson the volleyball from Castaway

Wilson the volleyball
(via: i am bored)

14.  Transforming Transformer

[YouTube link]

15.  Popcorn box

Popcorn box
(via: Costume Pop)

16.  Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

(credit: With Ruffles?)

17.  Paparazzi


18.  Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones
(via: Instructables)

19.  Barbie in a box

Barbie in a box
(via: Costume Pop)

20.  Apple iPhones

[YouTube link]

The most amazing Halloween costume ever

The Most Amazing Halloween Costume Ever
(via: i am bored)

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