Thursday, August 18, 2011

Contrary to popular belief

Three things that sound bad but can actually be good for you
The four most ridiculous word origin myths
Top 5 blogging misconceptions
5 fitness myths you need to forget
5 romantic movie gestures that were actually dick moves
5 ways people are trying to save the world (that don't work)
Why these 6 happiness "boosters" might actually make you feel worse
6 people for whom winning the lottery was actually a curse
7 bullshit police myths everyone believes (thanks to movies)
7 myths about sleep
8 old wives tales that are actually true
Top 10 American icons that are not American
10 drugstore products doctors don't recommend
10 energy drinks not worth the sugar rush
10 "healthy" foods that aren't
Top 10 lies of science taught at school
Top ten misconceptions about guys (by a guy)
Top 10 misconceptions about photography and the law
36 pictures that look photoshopped – but are not
Startup lies companies tell you
The truth about movie sex

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