Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Words get in the way

5 fun facts about letter frequency
The power of language: 5 wicked words that are sabotaging your success
The 5 worst words ever used in food advertising
Top 10 charming words for nasty people
10 commonly misunderstood words in English
The 10 greatest words invented by the Simpsons
10 hard to translate English words
Top 10 misused English words
10 origins of common internet terms
10 ways to cuss without cussing on Twitter
10 words originating from Greek mythology
11 antiquated "P" words from the American slang dictionary
11 brand names with unfortunate foreign translations
11 funniest flubs in spelling bee history
11 words with surprising derivations
15 wonderful words with no English equivalent
14 more wonderful words with no English equivalent
19 outstanding words you should be working into conversation
25 one-word answers to very important questions
30 travel terms that don't exist but should
100 mostly small but expressive interjections
A flappers' dictionary
List of words banished from the Queen's English for misuse, overuse and general uselessness
Unused but useful: Oxford English Dictionary's reject list
The words that defined 2011

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Portraits of authors in their own words

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