Sunday, March 18, 2012

So long, and thanks for all the lists

Dear Readers,

It is with mixed feelings that I have decided to stop publishing Lists Galore.

I started Lists Galore 5 years ago as a place to celebrate my obsession with lists. Fantastic lists were all over the internet and I made it my mission to track them down and share them with my readers. There was an embarrassment of riches when it came to awesome lists.

Recently, however, low-quality lists have become more and more prevalent. I find myself sorting through way too much trash in order to find the gems. It's just not fun anymore.

I'm sure I'll still stumble across awesome lists and, when I do, I'll share them on Twitter. I may occasionally feel the need to create lists of my own, which I'll now do on Pinterest. And of course I'll still post over on my other blogs, Bored Blog Almighty and Bored Blog Too and the Bored Blog Almighty Facebook page.

Lists Galore will remain online, exactly as it is, but there won't be any more new posts and in a week or so I'll close the comments.

Thank you, dear readers, for sharing my love of lists. Thank you for your attention, your comments, and your support. It's been fun.

All the best,


Mad said...

Goodnight, Sweet prince...
I love this page, So Much

Mad said...

Goodnight, Sweet Prince <3

I loved this page when it was fresh, I loved this page when it grew old; I love this page even today; and well... the list goes on.

Ian Random said...

I really enjoyed your posts, sorry it has to stop.

Spaun said...

Thanks for all your time & effort I enjoyed your works. It was a perfect place for me to visit I'm sorry to see you go. Best wishes!